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2018 Georgia Association of Realtors - Changes to the Purchase & Sale Agreement. Watch this video to learn of the changes to F20 - Purchase & Sale Agreement as well as the changes to B2 - What to Expect When Buying a House. F20 - Purchase & Sale Agreement - Training Copy - https://maximumonerealt...
2018 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Contract - Changes to the Community Association Fees, Disclosures & Related Issues Exhibit. If you have not seen this form since before June 2017, this will ALL be new! If you have used this form since then you'll notice that GAR re-arranged the paragrap...
 2018 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Contract Changes to the Financing Contingency Exhibits. Watch the video to find out what these are! Make sure to watch the Video: 2018 GAR Contract Forms: New & Revised Forms That Impact the Lender - https://youtu.be/mcRZvYM1puk Please subscribe for add...
2018 GAR Contract Forms - this video focuses on new & revised forms that will impact the lender including: F19 - Retainer Fee Exhibit - https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr... CO13 - Acknowledgment of Person Contributing Earnest Money on Behalf of the Buyer - https://maximumonerealty.files.wordp...
2018 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Contract Forms - Watch the video for an overview of what's new! Please subscribe for upcoming videos on an in-depth discussion of the changes. 7 NEW forms & 1 deletion. For classroom classes with 3 Hrs of CE credit: "2018 GAR Contract Dissection" - GREC ...
What do you do when you take a listing & the Seller won't complete the Property Disclosure Form? Does the Seller have to? Is there something I need to do? Watch the video to find out!
When you are sending & receiving contract packages can you simply send the signature page? Watch the video to find out!  Dana Sparks - Qualifying Broker of Maximum One Greater Atlanta Realtors - www.KeepMoreCommission.com.
 A lender asks you to remove the Earnest Money from a contract... what should you do? Lenders must source the earnest money & if it is cash or too difficult to source, the lender will ask you to write an Amendment removing the earnest money from the contract. What should you do? What are the risk...
Many Insurance companies placed a moratorium on issuing new Homeowner's (Hazard) Insurance policies in metro Atlanta in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  If a Buyer is getting a mortgage, that lender requires proof of a Binding Hazard insurance policy in order to close the loan.  Watch the 
A Seller has several possible options as to how to respond to an offer or multiple offers. Watch the video for these options & see the documents below for more information: Seller's Response Options to Receipt of Offer(s) & verbiage: http://files.ctctcdn.com/1a9b864e001/... GAR Article - The Retu...

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