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Websites are online containers for your branding, lead capture tools and calls to action (CTA’s). You could have the greatest looking website in the world with the best CTA’s and lead capture tools, but without TRAFFIC, the tools will go unused.Websites, in of themselves, do not generate leads wi...
I live on the West-side of Las Vegas at The Lakes. In addition to the large lake, there are 8 smaller multi-tiered ponds on the West side of The Lakes where Canadian Snow Geese, at least 10 different breeds of ducks and other waterfowl reside.In the early spring and late fall, the geese instincti...
Or, "Were you a part of the 4 year Facebook friends purge"?Now that the dust is settling post election, did you remove people from your sphere? Did people remove you from theirs? Or did you stay chill and focus on building your business?I don't know about you, but I use my Facebook and Twitter ac...
This post is not real estate specific but I just wanted to write about a new technology I was fortunate to beta test. Back in the day when PC's first rolled out, hard drives were small and we could never get enough RAM. It was so expensive. As the computer market grew, combined with the need to s...
I have been researching this all morning and I cannot find anything written about what I am going to show you. If you have spent any time with me at all, you know how I stress the importance of Google reviews and how this can effect your online presence. If you have claimed or created your Google...
Today I am motivated to tell you about, what I believe to be misleading advertising from review/reputation vendors. As of late, there has been a vendor advertising on Facebook leading you to believe three things:1) You will receive ONLY 5 star reviews2) Any Negative reviews will be BLOCKED.3) Thi...
My Active Rain podcast hosted by Bob Stewart where I am discussing real estate agents obtaining reviews from their clients. In our most recent podcast, We were joined by CJ Hays with AgentRepution. In this podcast, we dive into: How agents can get their clients to review them What sites should yo...
Sean McCrory of Agent Reputation will be conducting a webinar called "7 Steps to getting 5 Star Reviews Fast: on Wednesday, September 7th at 11am PST.  He will show you how to:Discover 7 Steps To Generate New Reviews FastGet Your First 5 Reviews In Just 5 DaysAutomatically Get Reviews On Top Revi...
I have a good friend who decided on a new career path 4 years ago at the age of 63. He went into a specific legal support vocation. He was at a slight disadvantage online. He had no Internet history. Being a self employed contractor, he was essentially a start-up business in a very competitive fi...
In other posts I have written about the importance having a well rounded positive online reputation. Having a great online reputation increases the ROI of your marketing dollars.Monday while I was attending the Real Estate Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas, Tom Ferry was the speaker and he told us h...

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