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Yep, it's that time of year again.  Time for the 2009 Fairbanks Alaska Golden Days celebration.  Fairbanks was founded by men and women lured north by the promise of a new dawn... a new day that with luck would be filled with the sight of gold at the bottom of their goldpan or sluicebox.  Felix P...
This past weekend my beautiful bride and I found ourslves with an empty house for the first time since the middle of May. WooHoo!  Hotel Clifton was temporarily empty. Don't get me wrong, we love to play host and hostess, but peace and quiet can be fun too! Rather than stay at home and tackle the...
Sullivan Roadhouse ~ Delta Junction, Alaska History The terminus of the historic 1,422 mile Alaska (or Alcan) Highway lies at the heart of Delta Junction, Alaska. At that junction, travelers headed north to Fairbanks, Fort Wainwright or Eielson Air Force Base will find the Sullivan Roadhouse - th...
Fairbanks Alaska Florists - Keeping your home and office beautiful and fragrant! Although we live north of the 64th parallel, Kathy and I are southerners through and through.  Moose chili, banana puddin', fresh halibut and grits can always be found in our home.  We northern-transplanted southerne...
For centuries the people who called the circumpolar areas of the globe home have survived and thrived in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.  They lived off what God and Mother Nature provided.  Shelters were built to shield families from the elements from primitive materials. Imagine, if...
There's been no official diagnosis from the AMA you understand, but I seem to have been afflicted just the same. That I'm afflicted will come as no surprise to some of you, but we won't go there...  While I love technology as much as the next fellow, keeping up with an endless stream of social ne...
Mr. Buyer... you're still on the fence about buying a home in Fairbanks, Alaska?     The Fairbanks Real Estate Market is still humming right along... Uncle Sam will give first time homebuyers an $8,000 credit... and you can even use it as (part/all) of your down payment... Fairbanks/North Pole Ho...
Alright, folks. We have two missing babies in need of locating.  They have been missing for a couple of days from the Farmers Loop/Shuros Drive area north of town.  The bulldog answers to Butch and has a leg injury on his front (left I think) leg from a break when he was a puppy.  He's probably t...
I swore I would never, ever make that trip again.  The last time I did, it cost a pretty penny to charter a helicopter to fly me off the mountain.  For some reason I have an aversion to looking out the window of a bus (driven by an undoubtedly high college kid who looks like he's one toke away fr...
5:35AM. The view from the bedroom window was bleak.  Is that snow?  It was a morning that, if not for promises made, I would have succumbed to the urge to drift back to sleep.  Not today. Today we were going arm in arm with our fellow citizens to make our collective voices heard.  "It's not a Rep...

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