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Tax Refund=Downpayment for a Home www.stonemountaingeorgiahomes.comFiling taxes is dreadful for most people. What if you are going to receive a tax refund this year? Have you thought about what you can do with that money?It doesn’t matter how much you get back from your taxes. If you are thinking...
Advantages of Real Estate Mobile Apps  (Why use an epro?),  Since most people are constantly on-the-go, professionals like real estate agents must keep up. With the help of mobility and digitization, real estate mobil...
Buying or Selling Your Home Around the Holidays November, December, and January are the holiday months, perceived to be the worst months to buy or sell a home. This is not true at all. Buying or selling a home around the holidays has a lot of advantages. You just need to consider a few tips to ma...
Buying A Distressed Property Near the End of The YearThe flood of property foreclosures in the U.S. housing market provides opportunities for investors and prospective homeowners. As home prices continue to rise, homebuyers seek more economical choices for the home they want. Purchasing a distres...
Home Buying TipsSometimes the sheer amount of available property options in the market can really cause a headache. Thankfully, buying a new home for you and your loved ones is all about keeping a lookout for a few key features. We will help you locate your next abode with a simple checklist.Budg...
BUYING A HOUSE DURING MARCH MADNESS www.stonemountaiingeorgiahomes.comWhen it starts getting warmer, you sense March Madness coming your way soon. This means that homebuyers are finally getting their energy and enthusiasm back in buying homes. At this time, the interest rates are still low. March...
  HOW TO BUY THE HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS Do you picture your dream house in your mind all the time? Imagining your dream home from your compilation of Pinterest boards and website photos gives you the drive to work towards having it. A home of your very own is possibly the most expensive purchase y...
 TIPS FOR GETTING A GOOD HOME PURCHASE DEALwww.stonemountaingeorgiahomes.comAcquiring a house is the biggest, most significant financial decision you can ever make. It is a huge risk for most people because they may only buy one house for the rest of their lives. Making mistakes is highly likely ...
TYPES OF HOME DOWNPAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS   It is not easy for everyone to accumulate enough for a house down payment especially with student loans, inflation, and high rental fees. . Here are the types of down payment assistance for the home you want: Affordable First Mortgages. This is assi...
TIPS IN BUYING THE RIGHT HOUSE AS THE YEAR STARTSAnother year has passed, and the new year has arrived. For many home buyers, purchasing a home is the ultimate way to start a life, especially if they want things to get better for their families.The following are some tips in buying the right home...

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