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Financial Stimulus Bill? indeed! Let's take the bill shown above and make it a seed. The new administration should stay off the TV, And let the market perform without further decree.   The markets' reaction to nationalizing banks Should be ample proof that whole idea stank. Socialist? You bet, a...
As I watched last night's presidential address to Congress, I couldn't help raising an eyebrow when President Obama made the statement, "Banks are afraid to lend right now, even to each other. Banks are afraid to do even a car loan." Our Commander-in-Chief should have qualified that statement by ...
I'm a community banker and a commercial real estate lender. At the close of a recent Optimist Club meeting, a fellow Optimist posed this question: "Clark, how long do you think it will be before I'll be able to buy investment property again with a 10% downpayment?" I answered him as diplomaticall...
. . . by Meredith Mason Brown is a great read if you have any interest in U. S. history. I hope your experience in US History class was more enlightening (and more comprehensive) than mine. Despite an unbroken string of history teachers having done their dead-level best to ensure a lifelong lack ...
. . . is a great read for anyone who could benefit from establishing or broadening their sphere of influence. Having often been disappointed by the generic, one-size-fits-all theme of most business books I've read, Influencer was a pleasant surprise. Great ideas abound. Don't try to enjoy a sandw...
I just returned from a weekly Optimist Club meeting. Continuing on a positive, optimistic note, I'm spotlighting three of my customers representing three vastly different industries who are continuing to succeed in spite of the present economic conditions. To use Dave Ramsey's phrase, these entre...
I stand corrected. In replying to a response to my most recent post about the industries that seem to be succeeding in today's economy, I cited Warren Buffett's often-quoted advice about being greedy when everyone else is afraid. In the context of Mr. Buffett's statement, "greed" represents a wil...
While it's not the greatest time to be a real estate lender, I'm encountering bright spots during my "non-virtual" (face-to-face) social networking, Last Monday was the monthly meeting of the Woodstock Community Business Association. The chiropractor who started the group made numerous comments a...
My wife and I are blessed with a son & a daughter, born eighteen months apart. I've been active in baseball, Boy Scouting & music lessons with our son, while my wife has played an active role in our daughter's activities such as Girl Scouting and dance. While I've never missed a recital or an Hon...
Have you ever worked for, been on a team with, listed property for, negotiated a purchase for, or been married to someone who personally could never do wrong and always blamed you (and others) for any error or mis-step? Personally, I like to think of those folks as contra-role models.  I never wa...

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