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I am amazed with my clientel of late. I have written two offers to purchase in the past couple of weeks and both have fallen out - mostly to buyers remorse. You can tell when there's buyers remorse going on  - no one is getting fooled with crazy excuses.   Maybe it's me! I must not be conveying t...
Well, I have a funny little story about how I picked up my latest Buyers!  Just really just never know where your business is going to come from....the beauty of Real Estate sales! I went to a local hotel for a Real Estate seminar not even thinking about the possibilities of other activities goin...
Homes for Sale in Midland and Locust, NC.Midland and Locust North Carolina are located just east of Charlotte.  At this point in time this area is still a secret to the Charlotte commuters.  Midland is still in Cabarrus County with 51 homes for sale ranging in price from $142,000 up to $1,620,000...
I was just reading some of the blog posts and I just want to thanks to all those who participate! When I became a Realtor my intention was to dabble and "give me something t do".  Then our situation changed and  needed to actually produce "some" real income.  I'm now at the stage where I want mor...
I have been reading the other posts...I like the one about falling in love. That's so true.  But, before someone falls in love the house has to speak to the buyer.  Many of my buyers would comment to me "Sorry it's taking so long to find IT".  My reply has always been "Your home will speak to you...
I have just joined active rain.  This is very interesting to me! I was speaking to a friend about my website and the lack of activity it was receiving. He said,"You need to develope your SEO better - and join Active Rain" I have been researching this Search Engine Optimization stuff.  My mind is ...

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