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As if we haven't heard enough about the banking crisis, I'm wanting to tell you there's one more article to explore. Ok... it's not really an article but a program. It's not on television- it was on the radio. I've been having conversations with people and decided it would be better just to let p...
There are people that know, it seems, everything there is to know about social networking. Then there are those who want to know more. If you fit in either category... and kind find your way to Scottsdale Arizona in late April then this would be the place to be. Read what Calie Waterhouse has to ...
In the wake of the announcement that President Obama would be presenting a plan to help struggling homeowners, many are asking this question: "Do I qualify?" There's an easy way to find out. There's a goverment website called FinancialStability.gov that walks you through the process. I reccomend ...
Panoramic photo of Canyon Lake (Arizona). Photo by Greg Folley, January, 2007 When you think of Arizona, what comes to mind? When I've asked this questions, I've received many responses- such as: Professional Sports (Suns, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Coyotes) Golf (Professional Tournaments and Recr...
Why is it that new devolpments in the Phoenix metro area appear to cost a billion dollars? That's the price tag that Gaylord Entertainment wants to spend in building a hotel and convention center in Phoenix's east valley city of Queen Creek. That's also the price tag that has been floated for a R...
There was a summer where my mom took up part time employment. She made a deal with me: I'd make five dollars a day if I had the younger kids clean their rooms while I straightened up the other rooms and fed them lunch. After that we'd go to the city pool for a couple hours. It was a great opportu...

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