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Chuck & Lucy Willman are agents who offer advice about selling or purchasing homes in Utah.



  Here are The Valley of the Sun's Hottest Intersections- as chosen at an August 2007 meeting of the Urban Land Institute that drew more than 1,000 people from Arizona's real-estate industry. The experts based their decision upon the following criteria: detailed information on the intersections'...
Any fast-population-growth city needs to provide at least three things: sufficient natural resources a place to live a way to earn a living. Arizona's most populated metro areas exist within a desert. Yet there is a vast agricultural network of dairy farms, cotton and corn fields and water in su...
It's good to have information ahead of your competition. However, what do you do with this information? In the blogging world we tend to dispense of this information as soon as possible. After all, the market is created by many entities declaring their position in a simultaneous manner. News on ...
When it comes to home repair projects that require more that two tools I'm a real "do-it-someone-elser". This is because I've discovered that I often end up with better results- and often at a lower price than my fix-ups. Unfortunately, too many do-it-yourselfers are trying to save a buck when pr...
Every buyer is different. Each buyer has specific wants and needs but the first time home buyer will tend to have as many questions as requests. Here are the questions I usually seek to answer for the first time buyer: Do you want a new or existing home? When do you need to move? What places do y...
I'm already aware that a good mortgage lender is often the best source for helping a client repair credit. Still... the busier lenders don't always have the time necessary to fully assist those who have above average credit repair needs. Knowing that credit repair is a growth industry, I've also ...
Most of my out of state clients ask me about the schools. Typically they'll ask "where are the best schools?" This is one of those "eye of the beholder" questions because 'best' usually requires a follow-up. It depends on what you're looking for. Every school has strengths and weaknesses. I'll se...
As one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Queen Creek Arizona is addressing their traffic needs through a series of initiatives. Residents can keep track of these projects through the website:  While the Ellsworth project is ahead of schedule, delays w...
It's not all doom and gloom in the housing market. For those who are interested in Maricopa County Arizona's southeast valley, here's some recent data to consider, as demonstrated in this article from the Arizona Republic's, Sept. 11, 2007 edition: Chandler, Mesa and the city of Maricopa had more...
Negativity seems to sell- at least, so goes the philosophy in modern media. And that suits the typical investor just fine.   Negative news suppresses prices. Supply goes up as demand goes down. "Buy/Low - Sell/High" is one of the greatest business plans ever formulated.   But here is the question...

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