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Christopher Shearer's commercial real estate team offers the multidisciplinary expertise necessary to excel in commercial real estate, Va's corporate real estate community. Our experienced commercial real estate team, deliver customized services at every stage of the real estate process and offer a proven track record in leasing and sales, tenant and landlord advisory services, corporate and business consulting, commercial and residential development, general construction, property and asset management, market research, and debt and equity capital placement. A graduate student completing his Master of Business Administration (M. B. A.), with a concentration in Real Estate Development. He earned his B.A. from The Baptist College of Florida in Business Administration - Leadership and an A. A. Degree in Business Administration- Management from Northwood University. 
On Commercial Real Estate Investments here is how we calculate Rent Per Unit & Per Square Feet of Improvements Apartments: 100 Apartment Units, 750 Sq.Ft. Unit with Rent of $800 per Unit per Month  100 Units X 750 Sq.Ft. = 75,000 Sq.Ft.$800 Rent X 100 Units = $80,000 X 12 Months = $960,000 When a...
According to ICSC Redevelopment is the new development in retail real estate, as landlords renovate and rehabilitate existing assets rather than building new ones, said speakers at ICSC’s NOI+ Asset Management Conference this week in Washington. Rockville, Md.–based Federal Realty Investment Trus...
Financial Indicators For Commercial Income Properties: Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) Price of the Property Divided by the Gross Potential Income (GPI) PRICE ÷ GPI = GRM What Does This DOWN & DIRTY INDICATOR Tell You ??? For Apartments: 3.5X to 4.5X = Low Income Property 4.5X to 6.5X = Median Income...
Commercial Real Estate has Financial Indicators that are generally used in determining the value of Real Estate… “What Is It Worth” Financial Indicators: SUMMARY OF CALCULATIONS  Price Per SqFt: Price ÷ SqFt  Price Per Apartment Unit: Price ÷ # of Units  Gross Rent Multiplier: Price ÷ Gross Poten...
Mortgage rates remained steady last week with Retail Sales coming in lower than expected. This will be an interesting week with the Federal Reserve meeting scheduled to decide whether or not to begin the expected bond tapering. The markets celebrated Larry Summers taking his name out of the runni...
Senior housing investment sales, which have been slowly creeping up this year, could see a big boost in activity in the near future. Investors in the sector see senior living assets continuing to benefit from the ongoing recovery in housing, which is making it easier for older owners to sell thei...
WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a win for big-box retailers looking to expand in the District of Columbia, Mayor Vincent Gray has vetoed the controversial Large Retailer Accountability Act. The city council voted in July to pass the act, which would have imposed a $12.50 hourly living wage on businesses th...
COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUNDAMENTALS NOI is also used to calculate the value of a property. The value is often expressed through the Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate). The Cap Rate expresses the relationship between NOI and value (price). The relationship between NOI and Cap Rate is an inv...
Cap Rate, which is a very commonly used measurement and comparison tool, reflects a one-year relationship between Net Operating Income (NOI), and price (or value). NOI, which is a very key figure in investment analysis of all types, is defined as rents received from all sources, minus owner-paid ...
Investment analysis information is critical in assisting the investor in their decision whether to buy a particular investment, and if so, at what price. Investment analysis provides vitally important tools for assisting investors in evaluating various investment alternatives. The Internet and th...

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