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Well, what is on my mind today! During our office meeting which always takes place on Monday's, our boss let us know that Century 21 is having a class to teach you how to tweet better.  I like Twitter and have come across so much useful information and ideas. I love reading various other blogs an...
My beef right now with the banks that they are giving consumers false numbers.  In fact, in order to so call WIN a home for your client you have to convince them that they should write their offer for about 20,000 to 40,000 over list price! As these false list prices do intice folks to make offer...
This market is one of the strangest markets for me!  I long for the days of when we had abundance of buyers and listings sold quickly.  Well, I am grateful that I still have an abundance of buyers, however I have never had the same buyers for soooooooooooo long.  I write offer after offer.  Good ...
I am seeing more and more agents asking buyers' agent to put the agent bonus in the offer. It's not as if the client needs to see this, but my clients know how to read and I go over everything in the contract. And to think now I have to let my Buyer's know that there is an agent bonus is plain ri...
My personal experience in Real Estate is that if it's meant to be it will happen. So many times I have had to share this truth with clients. And even when the transaction is going smoothly and there appears to be no glitches, all of a sudden it is not going the way it should or rather the way we ...
Have you ever taken the time to preview property prior to showing a client homes?  My broker believes this eliminates showing the wrong property and helps make you a better salesperson. His points are valid and I do see that previewing property would always help to make you a stronger salesperson...
My only daughter who is in between an older brother and a younger brother, just graduated from George Washington Elementary School. It is was a pleasant afternoon as my daughter joyfully recieved her 6th grade diploma. And yes it was an emotional time for me as well, to realize, that yes, we are ...
As a Real Estate agent at Century 21 M & M  I deal with a lot of buyers. In my first year of Real Estate, I learned one of the hardest lessons I have ever had to learn. Knowing when to say when! As you focus soley on the needs of others, you might forget about the bigger picture. Yes you are hire...

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