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I choose to think only thoughts that make me feel good & bring me joy. - My stomach is the size of my fist, & I am easily satisfied w small amounts of food. All extra fat is easily & effortlessly melt off my body. - The LOVE I give myself is mirrored in the LOVE that others give ME. - I am healin...
I wrote before about the Dash and found a good post for it on line with a link to a movie that lets you read it.Check this out it will change your life. This is also a good site for info on mortgage fraud.
There is of service an area designed to help commercial and investment property owners increase cash flow and dramatically lower their taxes. It is called cost segregation, an IRS approved tax- saving strategy that has, up until now, been mostly inaccessible to people who own buildings or commerc...
South Florida lead home insurance rates in the State of Florida. The average rate for a home in Florida is about $2500 compared to almost $4500 in Broward County alone. They say that if we go one more year without a storm that will go far to help lower or slow the increase in the insurance rates....
There was a recent article in the Sun Sentinel, Ft Lauderdale’s local paper which said that because to the Save Our Home amendment there is slower increase in the real estate taxes for homesteaded property then there is to the property of the Snow Birds. This is such a large difference, in fact t...
Many agents say that few sales traditionally come from open houses, and this is true. However, they say they love open houses, but not because they move properties. Last year, 77% of homebuyers shopped online.Indeed, only 2% to 4% of listings sell from open houses. Agents, and sellers both questi...
What about some of these creative mortgages. Some have you paying for your home for 40 and even 50 years. Some promise 1.9% interest. ( This is the payment interest. ) So what this means is that each month you will owe more then the month before. This is called negative amortization. Not  a good ...
I think with interest rates going up they may well be on the rise. For buyers though there are no bargans. I think that those people who bought ARM;s adjustable rate mortgages, may find that the interest rates are moving up. The good news is that if they still have good credit they can refinance ...
During the Fed`s two year campaign of interest hikes, the economy seemed to be on solid ground. Today, there are alot of concerns about the economy, which has in my opinion out-weighted the market`s relief that rate hikes have finally stopped. There is a decrease in employment, which does concern...
Here's the problem with all of the "hurricane" hype! It's bad enough that we have an over supply of inventory. It's even worse that there aren't many buyers to be found! As Realtors, we must deal with restless, anxious & frustrated Sellers. They blame us for their homes not selling as quickly as ...

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Selling South FL real estate, we are your south Florida real estate experts. Get new South Florida Listings Emailed to you daily!