buy a dayton home: Have a Green Holiday at Home - 12/13/08 06:53 AM
Here are some tips for being earth-friendly at home during the holidays:
Through away old holiday lights and replace them with LED lights which are safer and use up to 90% less energy! Don't fill up a landfill with wrapping paper that cannot be recycled. Use alternative wrapping materials instead, such as: cloth or reusable gift or tote bags, usable items like dish towels or scarves, old newspapers, magazine pages, paper bags, or old maps. Fake holiday trees also add to landfills. Consider trimming a live, uncut tree, which can be replanted outside after the holidays. Don't trash old electronics! If … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Beavercreek Ohio Has Affordable Homes - 12/07/08 08:00 PM recently named Beavercreek, Ohio among the top 25 most affordable cities to live for 2008. The main reason cited for those making the Dayton area home is the availability of good jobs. There are many different types of homes in Beavercreek, from historic to new construction. The schools in Beavercreek have grown over 13% in the last 10 years and are projected to continue growing.
For more information on moving to the Beavercreek, Ohio area contact Christina today!

Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR

buy a dayton home: Win Green Home Improvements - 12/07/08 07:32 PM
Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) is holding a drawing for Dayton, Ohio residents to win energy efficiency improvements for their home. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, December 17 and must be entered by December 15. DP&L will work with the home owner to provide energy saving opportunities. All enhancements to the home will be completely free - a great reason to go green! The improvements may include: new caulking around the windows, more efficient lighting provided, air conditioning tune-ups, or an entire replacement of the heating and air conditioning systems.

For more information on the Dayton Drawing, visit
Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Buy or Rent? - 12/07/08 07:07 PM
Which is best - buying or renting a home? A home is the solution to building long term wealth. When renting, the monthly payments go to the landlord and the money is lost to the tenant forever. In addition, home owners can deduct the cost of their mortgage loan interest and property taxes from their federal income taxes, saving tons of money! According to Yahoo Finance, most Americans are home owners versus tenants. The best reason to become a home owner is having a place of your own! To determine if you can afford to own a home, contact a mortgage professional for a … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Ohio November Market Report - 12/04/08 08:01 AM
The November Market Report in Ohio for single family, residential homes in Montgomery and Greene counties shows minimal changes. The average sale price / listing price changed 1%. In November 2008 versus November 2007, it now takes 12 days longer to sell homes. The average days on market in November 2008 was 112, which is 34 days slower than the Real Living Realty average days on market.
Homes Sold - 365 Average Bedrooms - 3 Average Square Footage - 1,597 Average Listing Price - $107,317  Average Selling Price - $101,844 (95% sale price/listing price) Average Days on Market - 112 (34 days slower than the … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: World's Worst Photos Contest - 10/29/08 09:02 AM
Join the contest of bad home photos! Home photos should show a home's best attributes, and some homes require staging. Homes should be staged BEFORE being listed and BEFORE photos are taken. Here is a perfect example of a home currently listed in the Dayton Multiple Listing Service:

Staging 101 - where is the eye drawn? First, notice the striped afghan on the non-matching blue chair. Then, take note of the piano crammed in the corner. Lastly, glance at the pet food and water dishes in front of the fireplace. The fireplace mantel is decorated with photos of kids.
Our … (6 comments)

buy a dayton home: Economy Upswing! - 10/13/08 09:52 AM
The DOW (the US stock market index) climbed over 900 points today, ending the question "are we in need of economic rescue?" The truth is - every market is different and will always change. Locally, the Dayton, Ohio economy is doing well. Many home buyers are taking advantage of the NEW $7500 tax credit. According to, home ownership is a good investment that helps build long term wealth. On average, home values rose over 26% from 6 years ago despite the bad press! To gain access to useful home buying and selling information, consult a trusted Realtor and not simply … (2 comments)

buy a dayton home: Ohio in Need of Economic Rescue? - 10/09/08 03:49 PM
BREAKING NEWS! More doom and gloom hit the air waves today. Today marked the 7th straight day decline for the DOW (the US stock market index), making investors fearful. One year after hitting an all time high on the DOW, the historic slide on Wall Street continues. The economic rescue plan will take time according to President Bush. We are at the beginning of a global recession reportedly. Locally in Ohio, NCR stock dropped a $1 and Vectren stock also fell. Across the Miami Valley, this puts many citizens' retirement plans in jeopardy. How does this translate in the housing market? Wright Patterson … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Feeling Festive in Dayton? - 10/06/08 11:42 AM
Two terrific festivals take place in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area this weekend that should be placed on the "to do" list!
Ohio Sauerkraut Festival Oct. 11-12 Approximately 250,000 guests flock to Waynesville each year to enjoy the over 30 different cuisine booths, dozens of craft booths, and live musical entertainment.
Yellow Springs Street Fair Oct 11 The city streets are closed for this bi-annual festival. Enjoy over 200 merchandise booths, good food, and live entertainment. Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082   Real Living Realty - #1 in OHIO!Realty, Mortgage, Title, Relocation

buy a dayton home: Ohio Home Buyer FAQ - 10/05/08 01:50 AM
"A couple of questions here. I live in New Carlisle, Ohio and my husband and I have found a piece of property to build a home on. How do I know what a good price per acre is. The owner wants us to make him and offer. Also I need to sell my home first before we can proceed. Our market is really bad and I would like some advice on what I can do to make sure I get the right price for my home and sell it quickly. We have a completely redone 4 bedroom ranch home (not yet … (1 comments)

buy a dayton home: Ohio Home Seller FAQ - 10/05/08 01:44 AM
"I live in Mason Ohio half way between Cincinnati and Dayton. My house has been on the market for about 3 weeks for sale by owner. I received an offer over the weekend, its less than what I would like and I am trying to decide if I should accept it or hold out and wait for more. Can someone update me on the housing market in the Mason area. Are prices still declining? I bought the house a year and a half ago for $220. The offer I received is $220 however they have a realtor I would have to … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Home One Stop Shopping - 09/28/08 02:31 AM
Work with me and receive several real estate professionals for the price of one! Who else works with one stop shopping? I frequently work with my agency's in-house mortgage, title, and home warranty real estate professionals. I do not make any more or less money in doing so. I simply provide this service to make my clients' lives easier. According to Realtor magazine, home buyers prefer one stop shopping. How does the preference translate? Home buyers are more likely to work with a Realtor that offers the services that make the home buying process less stressful. By offering one stop shopping, … (2 comments)

buy a dayton home: Ohio Market Analysis - 09/10/08 07:44 PM
Housing rebound ahead as the economists predict? You tell me!
Dayton Market Trends
Median Sales Price
Data provided by 9/11/08.
Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top www.teamedwards.infomobile or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082  fax 937-433-3561 Real Living Realty - #1 in OHIO!Realty, Mortgage, Title, Relocation

buy a dayton home: Choosing the Best Carpet - 09/09/08 05:23 PM
When remodeling or building a home in Ohio or elsewhere, don't choose carpet based on color. Instead, take the basic characteristics of a carpet's fibers and construction, as well as lifestyle, into consideration before buying.
Some of the best materials include the following:
Nylon: Most carpets today are made of nylon. A very durable and forgiving product, nylon is fairly easy to maintain and is available in various styles. Olefin (or polypropylene): Olefin is often used in berber carpet. It is noted for being practically wear resistant because spots do not adhere to its fibers. However, the drawback is that this soft fiber scratches … (5 comments)

buy a dayton home: Ohio July Market Report - 08/26/08 04:17 AM
The statistics clearly show we are on the path to a housing rebound in Montgomery, Greene, and Warren counties!
JULY 2008
750 single family homes sold in Montgomery, Greene, and Warren counties price range of homes sold $2,500 in North Dayton - $875,400 in Washington Twp-NW  average square feet of homes sold 1,733 average listing price $145,628  average selling price $139,968  average selling price / listing price 96% (2% less than the 98% Real Living Realty average) average days on market 113 (35 days more than the Real Living Realty average) For more information on market conditions in the Dayton, Ohio area, near Wright Patterson Air … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: For Sale By Owners - 08/13/08 02:18 AM
According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), most for sale by owners eventually list with a Realtor. The reason? Most buyers are represented by an agent. Other reasons are because owners who sell by themselves lack the expertise to price a home to sell and fall short on marketing knowledge.

Pricing is determined by research and market timing, not the amount paid for the house. You can't always trust a agent's opinion of house value due to the fact that, as in any business, not everyone is honest. Not only in Ohio, but in every state some agents overprice listings simply in order to drive business away … (2 comments)

buy a dayton home: Decisions - 07/30/08 04:24 PM
We make literally hundreds of decisions every day. Most of these decisions are virtually unimportant. Right or left? The tasty cheeseburger or the tasteless salad? However, some decisions are VERY important, such as whether to buy versus rent OR sell now versus sell later. For most, these important home decisions are their biggest investment. Why would you trust your biggest investment to someone unqualified? Trying to sell your home on your own usually ends up costing you money! In home buying, a Realtor can help in your decision to buy versus rent, or help you determine a home budget.
For more … (0 comments)

buy a dayton home: Switching to a Seller's Market - 07/20/08 06:18 PM
According to, we are "on the path to a housing rebound". However, the housing rebound is unique to each neighborhood. Stating a national housing market report is similar to having a national weather report! The weather is different in each city, and the housing market differs in each city as well.

The housing market report for Dayton, Ohio shows a promising future. The good news affects employees at Wright Patterson Air Force Base due to the addition of 3,800 jobs between now and 2011. The numbers are gradually but definitely switching to a seller's market. Yahoo Real Estate reports that … (5 comments)

buy a dayton home: YOUR Best Realtor Lingo - 07/20/08 11:32 AM
What is your best Realtor lingo? I like to show home sellers ALL the services I offer, and ask two very simple questions.
"Which of these services is going to be the ONE that sells your home?"
The typical response is muttered, "I don't know!"
Then, I ask, "What if you chose a Realtor that didn't offer that ONE service?"
I am proud of my work, and I know I offer many services - so why shouldn't I point it out???
Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top www.teamedwards.infomobile or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082  fax 937-433-3561 Real Living Realty - #1 in OHIO!Realty, Mortgage, Title, … (3 comments)

buy a dayton home: The Dayton Dragons Won! - 07/15/08 07:02 PM
For those who missed it, the Dayton Dragons, Southwest Ohio's minor league team, beat the Beloit Snappers Monday night 5-4! It was a great game filled with excitement!

Christina Asad Edwards, REALTORSouthwest Ohio Home www.teamedwards.infomobile or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082 fax 937-433-3561 Real Living Realty - #1 in OHIO!Realty, Mortgage, Title, RelocationFeatured Listings Real Living Open Houses

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