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Mark Fidgett is a Vancouver mortgage broker and the driver behind Your Vancouver Mortgage Broker For Life 604-273-2002 P.S. Who’s the next person you know who wants to save thousands off their mortgage? Be sure to give me a call so we can help them! 60...
My client & the realtor who referred them,were super surprised when I told them this.This may come as a surprise to you...Go ahead and watch Read morePS - follow me on FacebookTake care, Mark Fidgett"Your Personal Mortgage Consultant....For Life!"T 604.273.2002 | F 604.522.2072W http://www.notape...
When you purchase real estate in Vancouver, you’d expect that, as time goes on, the value appreciates. If you sell that property and the sale price is more than you paid, you have received a gain in value and this triggers a taxable capital gain for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Can you avoid ...
As a Vancouver mortgage broker, I’ve made it my practice to get the best price I can. I strive for fairness – that’s why I was so disappointed when my cellular phone provider Fido took so long to show me that they appreciated my business. Here’s what happened: Over a cup of coffee my wife and I l...
A B.C. couple says they were tricked into buying an unlivable house. Great article by the CBC. You must watch this video. You may have already noticed that this is one of reasons I ALWAYS recommend that buyer’s have their own independent realtor representation. A realtor, aka Pit Bull, who treat...
I was reading the results of a CIBC mortgage study that found that the average Canadian homeowner doesn’t think they’ll be mortgage free until they’re 57. Then I scrolled down and read the following comment.   Picked up my first & only house in YYC back in spring of 2005 when I was 31. I went in ...
In Canada, your credit score plays a paramount role in your financial well being. It’s an up-to-date rating of your financial health. It shows lenders the level of risk you pose if they decide to lend you money. Your credit influences everything from your mortgage interest rate when buying a home...
I’ve often blogged about using your RRSP to buy a home. But here’s a Secret that many don’t know. Most know that you can withdraw up to $25,000 from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to buy or build a qualifying home for yourself and that it requires a repayment of $1,667 every year...
Today’s video really hit home for me because I hear this one a lot in my business. Bankruptcy Myth #3 addresses yet another myth that everyone wants to know the answer to. Blair Mantin, the vice president of Sands & Associates, and I dispel yet another Myth in the world of bankruptcy. Go ahead an...
Bankruptcy myths are born from misunderstanding, misinformation, and incorrect assumptions. This week I had the opportunity to visit with one of the largest Trustees in BC, Sands & Associates. With head offices in downtown Vancouver, they have 10 offices from Vancouver to Chilliwack. We filmed pa...

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