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I'm gonna make this short.  It's not a rant against any agent.  I love the agents that I work with and they generally do their homework when they start working with a buyer.  Now, maybe you can help me out.  I don't know what sort of questions you usually ask your clients the first time that you ...
Welcome to Guaranteed Rate.  Since our founding in 2000, Guaranteed Rate Inc has grown to become the largest independent mortgage company in the Midwest. We’ve been able to achieve this growth by following the simple idea of providing a streamlined mortgage experience for our clients combined wit...
Hey guys! I wanted to shoot you all a quick blog about renting out rooms and condos (I don't know if this will work with single family homes). If you live near a college campus or in a larger city, you have an even better opportunity to take advantage of this advice. Sometimes, those of us who ow...
The following is a clipping from a much longer article that can be found at http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-070504mole,1,5235800.story?track=rss.  As a loan officer, I think it's great the government is out there, watching us, and making sure that the "snakes" are caught.  They're watc...
For those of you looking to enrich your knowledge of history and current chicago markets, these events may prove helpful.  AbeThe Survival of Yerkes ObservatoryWhat: Part of the Eric R. Multhauf Lunchtime Lecture Series, you'll hear from Carol JH Yetken, CYLA Design Associates, Inc. and Walker C....
In the aftermath of the recent storm of foreclosures, I've heard and read a lot of people sharing their thoughts on who is responsible and what caused the problems, how to fix the problem, how not to fix the problem, etc.  More often than not, it's lenders and adjustable rate mortgages that take ...
  Let's face it.  Everyone on here says that Customer Service is their primary focus.  If you've been in our industry long enough to earn your stripes then you know that, statistically, that's just not anything close to true.  I don't know who's lying or just mistaken, but there are too many bad ...

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