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There's a very simple answer.  I don't much like banks.  And, did you know, that banks often get paid twice on the properties that they have foreclosed on?  It's absolutely true.  When a borrower defaults on a loan, banks that are members of FDIC get paid an insurance settlement for the loss.  Th...
Ok, so I just read a blog (on another site) that was posted by a certain Hawaiian friend of mine that was warning against Alligator Property.  It's a great blog.   In it, he explains how an Alligator Property is basically a property that you buy, thinking you're going to have positive cash flow, ...
     Sure, it could be the brokers, and we are likely to take the brunt of the blame.  But the rality is, it's not us.  Brokers were around 10 years ago when foreclosure rates were lower.  I know that there bad brokers out there.  I got swindled by one when I baught my frist house.  They may aggr...
    As the buying season begins, I want to help some buyers understand the implications of the season.  For buyers that have been looking for 3-5 months and have found themselves negotiating their contracts AWAY from a sale, they should know that things are going to get worse.  There will soon be...
  First, let me say that as I've continued to take classes and learn about this industry, I've become more and more aware of the value of good credit.  I've also become more aware of the fact that NOBODY (even my instructors) have the system figured out.  None of the three Credit Reporting Bureau...
 The other day I was looking at a potential property and I thought to my self that if I wanted to buy it I would have to pick up my credit score a bit.  Most of us know what that's like.  We pile up debt fixing places or making payments between renters, etc.  So, I've got a couple of credit cards...

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