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With the Holiday Season approaching I wondered how will I balance my time with my business as well as my family and the holidays. My intent here is to give a helping hand to another person who may have a hard time right now with anything they are going through in their lives. A positive outlook i...
Mike Mueller wrote his post What do you Love about your job? and challenged us to write about what we love about our profession. We in the Real Estate Industry love challenges and our industry has challenges galore! And it sure feels good when I take that challenge and turn it into a prize winnin...
We have all been following Bruce Bourgault's fight with cancer and he had originally gone into the hospital on September 5th. On October 10 he had his 10 hour surgery. He has not been doing well since.At about 4:30 pm today I called a mutual friend and he said that they had pulled Bruce off the r...
During the past few months I wondered where my Active Rain participation would lead me. I knew that it has helped tremendously with placement in google. I have reaped the rewards of gaining so much more knowledge in the Real Estate Industry and being able to bond with some of my peers. (These are...
Breathtaking! The Ko'olau Mountain Range is not a "normal" mountain range. The western half that is seen is what is left of the Ko'olau Volcano that was destroyed in Prehistoric times. What happened was the eastern half and much of the summit caldera (feature formed during volcanic activity) slid...
Whichever state you are residing and conducting business in it can be guaranteed that your market of last year or the year before is in the past.  What is past is past. What is present is a gift. And the future is yet to come. The market shifts, changes, goes up, goes down or stabilizes. Whatever...
I am crediting this spin off (of sorts) to my mentor, TLW who wrote Three Years Of My Time...And All I Got Were These Stupid Plaques...ROAR! who entered her own first comment: 'Sometimes the best way forward is to lead by example :) 'I am just going to take that comment and run with it (you folks...
After spending the last three weeks of heartache trying to find a water leak in between our bathroom walls we are finally on the road to "recovery". During this time we had a plumber come out TWICE (and there was still a water leak), getting estimates to replace the cheap fiberglass tub/surround ...
Time for me to get out there and give back to the Rain!  A lot of new members do not know what a Localism post is besides that it is "for the consumer". Localism posts are local information posts about your industry and area of expertise. Knowledge about the market, tips for the consumer, your vi...
10/11/2007 featured post Learning about the history and culture of the area you are planning on relocating to is surely a must!  Waimea Bay is located on the North Shore on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. During the winter months the waves can get as high as thirty feet where some surfers dare ...

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Reading my blog will give you the human side of this Real Estate Industry Professional as well as allowing you to walk beside me through my writing about Hawaii Real Estate & our Local Area. As a resident of Honolulu County Hawaii for 42 years you will get a tour of a lifetime. Specializing in Hawaii Relocation Military VA Home Buyers you can be rest assured you will be in good hands. I LISTEN to YOUR needs and give you sound advice. Hawaii Relocations, Hawaii Military Relocations, Mililani Hawaii Real Estate, Living in Hawaii, Army Navy Air Force Marines in Hawaii. Read more at