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It's hard to overstate the importance of neighborhood factors such as school quality on the home buying decision, yet few agents seem to be known as "schools specialists." Agents can gain a competitive advantage by becoming an expert on local schools. By providing objective information about the ...
Many real estate professionals are embracing social media in a bigway, including weblogs and podcasting. In a crowded marketplace, these social media tools are an important way to cut through the marketing noise and extablish dialogs with prospects. Although blogs have already made a huge footpri...
After working with hundreds of real estate professionals over the last decade, eNeighborhoods has identified some ideas and insights that consistently help agents create powerful listing presentations. Each presentation should accomplish three goals:1)      Introduce yourself and your brand2)    ...
One way to streamline these early stage activities is to develop a prospect rating system that enables you to quickly sort your leads. Even if you simply rate them A, B, or C leads, you actively work the A's, put the B's into some incubation process and throw out the C's. Working only the A's is ...
Do you believe in the 80/20 rule? Applied to real estate, this principle suggests that in most communities, the top 20 percent of real estate professionals get 80 percent of transaction sides. This means 80 percent of agents struggle for the 20 percent of business that's left over after the top p...
More and more, your first point of contact with prospects is your agent website. Your first - and often only - chance to impress prospects is a valuable opportunity that's often wasted. Avoiding a few common but critical mistakes can mean the difference between success and failure. If you're look...

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Articles and discussion on real estate and mortgage marketing, prospecting, conversion and sales strategies. Focus is on free and low-cost marketing resources and strategies for for real estate agents and lenders to collaborate and build profits.