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We love hikes. Hiking on kid friendly hiking trails with the whole family is what we do! Getting out into the wilderness is amazing. Below are 3 different hikes that we have recently completed and depending on your child's level of hiking ability, any of these could be a fun outing for everyone! ...
Like you, we too like to take the time and enjoy life.The hot weather is a reminder that we all need some outdoorsy time. And we’re not talking about a hike this time, bu rather enjoying the summer sunsets as the evening breeze blows in.Let's be honest, as much as we all say to each other in the ...
At the Chamberlain Group, we value every member of our team. Although we live in a competitive environment, at the end of the day, we celebrate each other’s wins. So when one team member achieves more than they’ve ever done before, we want to highlight that moment.Enter Rob Campbell.Rob’s one of ...
Making a move up to a dream home can be really exciting.It's key to truly think through exactly what it is that you are wanting vs needing in that next home.You truly deserve to love where you live.Let us help guide and create the perfect plan to get you into that incredible move up home that you...
You have been dreaming of making the move into a larger space, or perhaps into a home that has a better location. Both of these things are possible when you look through these move up homes below.All of these homes are what many Calgary home buyers dream of. These aren't the fanciest of the fanci...
Getting into a new home can be exciting for everyone in the family.Moving up in a larger home can also be a bit daunting, not for your 7 year old however. All they see is more space to play and spread their toys out. For you, it could be a bit nervous getting into that larger home with larger mon...
“Hello? Can you hear me? Am I muted?”These days, we all understand what it’s like to move our lives online. Office conference calls. Ordering groceries. Meeting clients. Even playing games with family members.But buying a house?A few months ago, that might have seemed strange, but in this lockdow...
If you have considered making a move up in a down market, now is a great time to consider this, we explain more in this post. So in doing so, we wanted to compile some of the best homes for sale that are priced between 500,000 and 600,000 for you to look through.When looking for the right home wh...

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