It's no wonder this time of year is the most wasteful, what with all the discarded wrapping paper, ribbons, packaging and greeting cards that pile up in landfills after the holidays and drained bank accounts and high credit card balances...However, there are steps you can take to make sure your t...
I understand this doesn't exactly seem real estate related, but perhaps it is. Maybe one day one of us will be selling a large puppy mill in the Midwest. Maybe we can help spread the word to our new home buyers and save a life while doing it. I'm writing this to bring awareness and attention to a...
In today's market we're all aware that buyers are gold and listings may perhaps be a dime a dozen and hard to sell. I've heard of many agents leaving the business, getting part-time jobs and desperate for business. I'm curious to see where the future is going nationally and locally. The agent of ...
I've seen many agents in other states argue or debate this subject. I've seen many say "No, we don't get involved here. That's up to the buyer." Typically in Ohio, or at least the Cleveland area, agents attend the home inspection. We do this as a benefit to our buyer and to be there as representa...
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