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Mortgage Products that Get Buyers Moving (pun intended)...Birmingham, Alabama   There are many different mortgage products out there to choose from but, only a few that get buyers excited and moving. Those buyers that are not quite ready to pull the trigger for one reason or another or, are anxio...
Zero Down Home Loans in Birmingham, AL still available...for now As the title suggests, Zero Down Home Loans in Birmingham, AL are still available...for now. It is rumored that the ever popular USDA Mortgage program is in jeopardy of running out of funds in the latter part of April. This program ...
HomeTown Mortgage, A Mortgage Company in Birmingham, Alabama   Happy New Year everyone! Yea, I know, it is the second week in January already. I am still excited about the new year and a fresh start to what I know will be a great year. I know it will be a great year because I work for HomeTown Mo...
The Rule of Five for 2010   Happy New Year everyone! Today is the first Monday of 2010 and I thought I would share a valuable rule my Pastor shared with us this past Sunday. The Rule of Five is what I plan to use to insure my success this year and is applicable to any profession. The beginning of...
Mortgage Loans in Birmingham, Alabama The housing market in Birmingham, Alabama is picking up. This is good news for the economy and good news for everyone involved. We have seen the bubble burst and we are still alive and kicking. The high tide of real estate inventory, which was recently at an ...
Zero Down Home Mortgage Loans in Birmingham, Alabama - USDA   Anyone considering purchasing a home in Birmingham, Alabama might want to consider the USDA. The United States Department of Agriculture provides opportunities for home ownership to families that live in rural areas. Don't let the term...
So I am at my desk, about to wrap up for the day. The song "Got You Where I Want You" starts to play. It is the designated ring tone I have assigned for my wife, Angie. It is a cool tune by The Flies from ten or so years ago. It doesn't really have super special meaning to us other than we both l...
I am pleasantly surprised by the response to my post discussing how I can help or, what does a Realtor look for in a LO. The overwhelming theme was RESPONSIVENESS and COMMUNICATION. These two aspects seem to be, all to often, lacking in the Realtor/Lender relationship. I have read all of your com...
Let's get this out of the way. I am am Mortgage guy who is looking to develop relationships with Real Estate Agents. I want to do business. the aforementioned Mortgage guy, I know that Realtor referrals is the life blood for anyone in my field. However, I refuse to be the guy that s...

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