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This is one of the first posts I found dedicated to my favorite course - dessert. Why is it that we are compelled to have pie at Thanksgiving? It is a staple of any dessert menu but I don't know of any other holiday where pie is such a dilema. Just happy they didn't skip pie this year.  Enjoy the...
The Day I Decided My Future Something magical has happened this month. I have been blogging daily here on ActiveRain because of a 30 in 30 Challenge. I admit that I missed my post on Thanksgiving Day, which I posted today in the hopes that it will still count. I have become hooked on blogging aga...
"THINK" is a great way to remember these five key points before saying something you will later regret. There are times a comment is necessary. THINK can help formulate the right comment when necessary because "If you can't say something nice about someone, say nothing at all" doesn't always work...
Rather than reinvent the wheel by posting a blog about shopping local because all these points fit my community in Eastchester, NY and probably your hometown as well. The best way to help the economy is to "shop local."As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, we are also making our holiday gift l...
Thanksgiving Eve.... We celebrate Christmas Eve, why not Thanksgiving Eve? I think it would be nice to start a new tradition. This holiday always feels too rushed, too short and too commercial. Starting this year, I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve. It's a concept who's time has come. You m...
It's only Tuesday and I feel like the week should be over. I guess I wish it was.  We've all had them but I have never had one fall around a holiday. This makes me more sensitive to the scenario. I was going to make this a Members Only post but I think buyers and sellers can learn something too. ...
It is very easy to go the extra step and make sure you have the picture you want in the Google+ post. I tried the second one, also very easy but once I added a picture I couldn't find the link option that was on the Google+ toolbar where I was updating my status.  So much to learn, so little time...
I wrote the following comment to this post and also felt compelled to reblog it. As Thanksgiving draws near, I am trying to see the other side to the story. The ending made it all worthwhile. It's sad that the owners collected rent and didn't pay the mortgage and it begs the question, "why?" Perh...
Need a camera - no.  Need iOS 6 - yes. Herein lies the rub because the first generation iPad will not run iOS 6. There are solutions and I found the easiest is Google Docs.  I love color - text color and size changes  - everything is a choice. Using Google Docs to write my blog post gives me this...
Creating A Blog for ActiveRain Using Google Docs Why write this post? I want to be more creative in the look of my blogs that I write on ActiveRain. While searching for a way to add pictures when writing a post from my iPad, I came across a help topic using HTML code. It seems, according to the t...

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Cottage or Castle, What's Your Dream!
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