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I'm a carpet cleaner and I provide service to those who have water damage.  I have seen several causes of water damage that can be avoided.  The most common one is when a home owner leaves a garden hose attached to an outside faucet all winter.These faucets are designed to drain when turned off. ...
Clean carpet can greatly add to the value of your home.  Not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same service.  Several questions you may ask are:How long have you been in business?Are you rated by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute)?How do you clean?Do you have any references?References and...
Smoke odors can be effectively removed completely from carpet, not just covered up.Chem-Dry has developed a very effective process to remove this odor in less than a day. This will be much less expensive than carpet replacement. This will remove other odors, such as dirty sock odor, or spices suc...
If a skunk gets inside a home and sprays, there is an alternative to replacing all the carpet.Chem-Dry has developed a product that can effectively remove the odor in 6 hours.This will be much less expensive than carpet replacement. This will remove other odors, such as dirty sock odor, or spices...
Home improvements can increase your home value.One of the least expensive ways to greatly improve your home value is to have your carpets professionally cleaned.Not all carpet cleaning is the same.  There is a "Consumer Reports" of carpet cleaning now, that is the Carpet and Rug Institute, or CRI...
Stained carpet can reduce the value of a home.We have an arsenal of specialty stain removal products including:Red Dye RemovalCoffee and Tea RemovalShoe polish, lipstick, mascara, gumDyesPet Urine StainsWaxInkOthersIf we are not able to remove the stain, chances are nobody else can either, but it...
Pet urine odor problems can be the only reason an otherwise nice home does not sell.If you want urine odor out of the carpet and out of the house, we have a solution.We use 3 methods of detecting urine in carpet. Smell Probe Sensor Long wave ultra-violet light We reconstitute the concentrated uri...

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