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I didnt't remember ever reading this verse until a few moments ago and thought you might ponder on this as well.Prov 13:20 NIV translation "Walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm". The message translation has it as, "Become wise by walking with the wise: hang out...
Today December 26 is a great day for new posts on Activerain. Actually it is probable one of if not the #1 day that Activerainers do new posts on Activerain.Every day about this time I click on a link at the bottom of the home page that reads recent blog posts.It appears that many Activerainers l...
Santa is coming early to The Preschool Place in Dyersburg,Tennessee. Actually he is coming tomorrow at 9am to enjoy a pancake with the kids and get his picture taken with each one. He promised me he was bringing treats with him for the kids.My wife Gail and our daughter Lauren own and run this sm...
I am so proud that the new tax bill passed. It has been a long process to get it completed but now it is signed by the President.While watching the President and members of congress about an hour ago celebrate the passing of the leglislation, I was impressed by the President then several members ...
For the last several days Referral Exchange has been trying to tie me down to 20 minutes on the phone with them and finally I gave in this morning.The guy began by asking me several questions to find out if I was a the top producer they were looking for? After 10 minutes he finally got to the poi...
My fellow Realtor in Pennsylvania posted this picture which depicts the median time on market for houses that are properly priced. I believe the last time I posted about this the time period for Tennessee was 45 days so the market continues to sizzle. Median Days on the Market Drops to 34! [INFOG...
Please pray for my office manager Donna who suffers from RSV which resulted from a broken toe that healed up after surgery but the brain doesn't realize the wound is completely healed. Her toe and foot gets hot then cold then swollen then blue, etc. The bone surgeon says the foot is completely he...
After reading this blog post from Monica Hill I thought it very important to get this information out to prospective home buyers.I for one thought everytime someone pulled my credit that it affected my score. I guess not. Hopefully this article will help you understand about the credit bureaus an...
The news of the Texas massacre broke my heart yesterday.  How could any sane individual murder so many innocent people?What surprised me also was not the guy who chased him down and shot him but the fact that the shooter got in the door and met no resistance.If someone like that guy were to come ...
Reading and hearing the news everyday of all the people protesting and demanding this and that reminded me of this scripture from Proverbs chapter 10. For all of you who don't know Proverbs is in God's Holy Word (the Bible)and really is instruction on how to live day to day. It is not out of date...

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The purpose of this blog will be to discuss the market conditions in the Dyersburg Tennessee area of west Tennessee. There will lots of useful information for buyers, sellers, bankers and other users of Dyersburg real estate information. I will also often quote other professionals. Follow MikeFrazier-Dyersburg homes on Twitter