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Every year I grow a nice garden behind my house and this year is no different except it has been difficult finding dry enough days to plant. However, in the pictures you should be able to see the yellow and white onions, cabbage, regular head lettuce, red leaf lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, okra, gr...
Yesterday I asked on a post for you to pray for our area of West Tennessee that was in a direct path of storms containing tornadoes. Last night we had the tv, radio and my cell phone(radar wallpaper) watching the approaching storm. When the storm hit the Mississippi river it appeared to divide in...
We have a local park here in Dyersburg and we have some ladies in the master gardners club that keep that place ablaze with beautiful flowers. They are not just in one place but all over the park. There is a one mile walking track with flowers growing beside the track. This picture I took a coupl...
Today I got this e-mail from someone who is praying for the storms to stop. I have been looking online all morning for someone who is praying for the weather to change, rather than just praying for the victims after it happens. I am definitely in agreement with you in prayer that these weather pa...
Over 90% of people relocating to a new area begin their home search online. With that in mind, a few months ago I created a neighborhood search on one of my outside blogs. If you will click on the above link, you will be able to search for homes in the different neighborhoods and subdivisions in ...
They say there is a rainbow in the sky after a rainstorm. Actually all the recent rain we had(flood) has helped the flowers and trees bloom into beautiful colors. I am not sure what these flowers are but they are just gorgeous. I took the picture earlier today at the Dyersburg Okeena Park. There ...
I am sure people moving to Dyersburg or those who have just moved to Dyersburg get online and google the phrase things to do in Dyersburg. That is perhaps the way you stumbled upon this post. Okeena Park is just the place for your entire family to spend several hours. Almost everyday, my wife an...
About two years ago I purchased a condo in Destin,Florida. I thought that I bought it at the bottom but prices seemed to continue down for another year or so. Today, the prices have stabilized and even gone up a little. What about the condo market in your area? Sometimes I have friends wanting to...
The other sunday morning in class the teacher(former missionary in Africa) mentioned a small child in Africa needing a life saving operation that cost $400. One of the brothers there had sent him a letter asking for this help. Loy then sent around a picture of the 3 year old child and that sealed...
I went to the church yesterday to help pass out needed supplies to the flood victims. I shot this short video while I was there and it really does not show the masses of people that came to pick up supplies. In case you missed yesterdays post here is a link. It propable did more good for the peop...

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The purpose of this blog will be to discuss the market conditions in the Dyersburg Tennessee area of west Tennessee. There will lots of useful information for buyers, sellers, bankers and other users of Dyersburg real estate information. I will also often quote other professionals. Follow MikeFrazier-Dyersburg homes on Twitter