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I am pleased to announce to all my readers about the opening of the new Chick-fil-A in Dyersburg,Tennessee. Apparently the Public Relations company handling the advertising found me as the go to blogger in Dyersburg,Tennessee and they want me to help promote this restaurant opening. Here is her o...
A friend just sent me a link to a youtube video that was produced about the U.S. Capital. I bet you did not know that congress had the first bible printed in English in the United States in 1792 specifically for our public schools. Did you know the Capital had many many many church services in it...
Here is my final song I want to share today. We also sang this at Winterfest in Gatlinburg this past weekend. I searched on the internet and this video and song is by Matt Redman so I am assuming he wrote this song. In one of the verses it says "who can save themselves" and that reminds me that s...
Another song that touched my soul at Winterfest was "I belong to Jesus". I am not sure of the author but the words are very powerful. One stanza that is repeated over and over is I belong to Jesus, I belong to him, I belong to Jesus, free from sin. During most of the song the men are singing a ph...
I am sure you have heard and even sang Chris Tomlin's song "I lift my hands". This was one of about 4 different songs we sang at Winterfest in Gatlinburg this past weekend. One of the verses says there is a river that flows from Calvary's tree. That river is a river of blood that cleanses us when...
I have a gmail account and also have 2 pop 3 accounts. I have noticed since I have one of my pop 3 accounts as my default e-mail address for outgoing e-mails that when I check my e-mail on my desktop through outlook express the other e-mail pop 3 acct is there but none or very few of the default ...
Yesterday I spent the better part of a day trying to order new appliances for a vacation home. Actually I spent about 8 hours of research before calling the box store to order. After all the preparation I called the store and gave them the order and they checked the computer and said sorry neithe...
I am still having problems with my droid x sending out e-mails. It will send them out but not on the pop 3 account I want it to. right now it is sending out all my e-mail on my gmail account that verizon helped me create. I do not have that gmail account on my desktop nor do I want it there. I re...
There is no school here in West Tennessee based on the weather forecast. I bet you folks up north are laughing at me right now. I took my daughter to school this morning and no one was there. I think the school systems here are running scared. A couple of days ago the kids went to school and it h...
I have had my droid x about a week and thought I was getting the hang of my new phone. I wrote a post a couple of days ago discussing having trouble transferring pictures. Since then I have found out that all the e-mails I thought I sent out are still in the outbox on the droid. Up at the top,eve...

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The purpose of this blog will be to discuss the market conditions in the Dyersburg Tennessee area of west Tennessee. There will lots of useful information for buyers, sellers, bankers and other users of Dyersburg real estate information. I will also often quote other professionals. Follow MikeFrazier-Dyersburg homes on Twitter