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                  I just had a recent run in with a HUGE celebrity at a local department store and it reminded me....ARE real estate agents like celebrities.  This one celebrity said he couldn't take the time to take a picture with me.  Apparently he was researching certain items for his next fil...
I have a bone to pick with this website.  I am wondering if you agree with me or not.  So I heard about this website through Active Rain and I registered with them.  I received my first lead through them on Saturday.  Basically someone puts in a proposal and whether they are looking to buy or sel...
  I have a bone to pick with all those REO agents....I am wondering why most of them don't have more than the front of the house picture on our MLS system.  Don't they have assistants that can take care of that kind of grunt work.  Why can't they take the time to take more than one picture.  It w...
Today I was taking out my clients and noticed that a new home was about to come out on the market.  I saw that it had recently been cleaned out and it had a new lockbox on it.  I thought GREAT another bank repo that could possibly be the house for my clients.  I have a couple of lockbox combinati...
I often wonder if it is the bank who is rejecting buyers' offers or the agents that don't know how to justify the offer.  Then it makes me wonder if the banks know the kind of offers they are rejecting.  I mean I had a short sale with an offer at 299,000, which was a good price for the area.  The...
One of my clients just asked me about the Cash for Keys program...IS this legit or another scam.  Please give me your input.
We just had one of the biggest earthquake in a while.  What was I doing??? Well I was at my daughter's swimming lessons sitting next to the pool when I felt a shaking sensation.  We were next to a major street and I thought it must have been a big rig passing by until I saw all the parents get up...
Why is it that when a person receives their real estate license people are so quick to want a piece of your fortune.  I mean from local board associations to insurance money you name it and it all costs a pretty penny.  From the software that one can use to keep track of clients to the pins you p...
For most of you that think that yes think again.  There are areas in Southern California where buyers are coming competing with lots of other buyers for the same property.  Don't get me wrong there are still properties that are overpriced and those are the ones where they have been listed for ove...
We often get told that real estate agents get paid way too much.  If you feel that way then you don't know what our job consists of.  Working with a buyer in this type of market is harder than it seems.  Considering gas prices you better have a well quallified approved buyer in your car before yo...

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