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There's a reason why I always insist that the home sellers leave the house when I'm showing it to a perspective buyer. More often then not the seller sticks their foot in their mouth, and low and behold, yesterday it happened................again. I was showing a beautifully-kept home that was fl...
Appraisals are killing real estate deals. This should come of surprise to no one. As a matter of fact, the appraisal has come up short on my last four transactions. It's quite common for appraisals to come in at $25000 below contact prices, or even more. Just this week I had a property appraise ...
I'm presently in the process of helping a lender sell one of their properties.  We just received a very competitive offer from a ready willing and able buyer.  In the process of explaining the details of the offer to the bank rep, he proceeded to use three words that rip through my brain worse th...
The FHA monkey wrench Generally speaking, the real estate industry is cautiously optimistic that we're presently at the beginning of a market recovery.  The signs of this recovery are primarily manifesting themselves in the entry-level sector of the market.  This is to be expected, as real estate...
I currently have one of my listings under contract that is scheduled to close tomorrow.  This is a nearly new home.  To my surprise, I just got a call from the lender saying that they need to do a re appraisal because the initial appraisal report did not indicate whether the electricity was on at...
I try to make a conscious effort to dress professionally at every available opportunity.  After all, we're professionals and should dress accordingly.  I don't think anyone would argue that.  However, I've lost count of the number of times that one of my colleagues has asked me, "do you have a cl...
Buyers are evolving, and for the better. Up until the beginning of 2009, an abundance of inventory, coupled with a 'sky is falling" mentality lead many to believe that the real estate market was theirs for the taking. They were now in the driver's seat! And as a result they were submitting such r...
The velocity of money is a term used by economists to describe the speed at which money makes its way through our economy.  During boom times money moves quickly through the system as it's spurred on by consumer spending and investment, and in recessionary times it's velocity is diminished. Why s...
Unfortunately, there's more then a grain of truth in this very funny video:  
As I examine the outstanding available inventory of homes in Miami Lakes, particularly in Royal Oaks, it occurs to me that there has not in recent memory been a better time to pick up a high end property.  There is such an array of available property types to suit almost any taste.  Most of these...

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