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My blog is about the Dallas/Fort Worth area and other random events in my life be it appropriate or sometimes not.
I came across a great idea for gardening in small places.  It also is a great idea for adding to your backyard and landscaping in a very interesting way.  Here is a picture that showcases beautiful gardening using cinder blocks built into a wall.     A few tips/ideas: - notice that the plants in ...
We recently got a foreclosure listing and have had a lot of interest in the home.  Unfortunately, we can't put it on the market yet, because the balcony is a death trap!  Well, maybe not that bad, but it is seriously unsafe.  The upstairs balcony has no railing and I can just imagine an agent sho...
My husband and I thought it was time for a new picture, so we went out, did some shopping, and got our new pictures taken.  I was really enthusiastic that I found a dress with our team colors of black, white, and green!  How do you think it came out?  It seems like we took about a thousand pictur...
I took a listing of an incomplete home and had a contractor finish it out.  We're please with how it's come!  Now were ALMOST ready to sell!  If you're interested, the home is located at 1117 Reese Way in Lantana, Texas.   Before     After   Know someone looking for a home in the Dallas/Denton/Fo...
Easter is a fun time of year, so why not take some pictures with your pets?!  They'd make for great mailers (be they electronic or paper) and would show your clients how much your pets mean to you!     So, if you live in the Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth area, come to Denton and have a picture made wi...
In the exciting times that is my life, I decided I've always wanted to hold a rattlesnake.  So, I rounded up the husband and kids and headed down to Sweetwater, Texas and had the time of my life!  I guess the pictures tell the story.   Picking out the lucky fellow. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't...
I absolutely love this time of year.  It's starting to get warmer, but it's still not TOO hot.  The leaves are coming back to the trees and everything is so beautiful.  It's just a wonderful time to be outside.  I must say that I throughly enjoy Spring!     Know someone looking for a home in the ...
Well, maybe not, but I thought this was funny, so I thought I'd share anyway.  A quick back story, I was on my way to work and I always try to get a feel for the temperature outside, so when I pass bank that has the temperature displayed, I always make note.  Keep in mind that this was in Fahrenh...
Okay, so maybe it's not exactly Dallas, but we're in Denton, only about 30 miles north.  It's been snowing all day and doesn't show signs of stopping.  We're already at 4 inches and the kids are out having fun while buyer's agents are out showing houses.  We're just not used to this kind of weath...
In my tribute to love this week I knew I just had to give props to the long forgotten 'note in my locker'. Whether they were from a best friend or from the cute cellist that sat a few seats over, they were wonderful. Now that cell phones and email are so prevalent I got to wondering if the note i...

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My blog is about the Dallas/Fort Worth area and other random events in my life be it appropriate or sometimes not.