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The Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration is less than 2 weeks away -- and it looks as though some people are already getting into the holiday spirit.  Yesterday, I drove by this home in an outlying, Dallas community and was compelled to pull over and take a photograph. This Pride-in-Ameri...
Let’s say you’re at the salon and you’ve just had a haircut.  You and the stylist discussed expectations ahead of time, however, something got lost in translation and now you're unhappy with the results.  Do you speak up and assert your displeasure?  Or, do you get upset, pay for the haircut, ski...
What do our feathered friends know that we don't know?  More importantly, why do we sometimes lose the ability to feel sheer joy and pure, unadulterated contentment?  You know ... the kind of true gratification and excitement observed while watching a dog with a stick or Frisbee in its mouth, or...
I think I may have set a new ActiveRain world record.  My last blog was recently featured and at one given moment, I had SEVEN spam comments!  Hey, I’ve seen my share of spam comments on featured blogs before but if I'm not mistaken, I think this takes the cake!  One of our colleagues even mentio...
Whenever I'm visiting my mother, she invariably gets a phone call from someone asking “How's Carie doing?” – to which my mom replies: "My daughter is a blogger now – here's her link!”  Apparently, one of my mom's friends thinks I'm a writer for a real estate publication.  That's okay – until I s...
Art Fair Season is officially underway in Chicago.  Recently, I blogged a bit about the beginning of Art Fair Season in Dallas.  Then, I blogged a little more about my absolute love for art fairs, art festivals, and often times the  plentiful, whimsical creativity found at these events.  I belie...
Watching a baseball game at Wrigley Field should be on everyone’s 'Bucket List.'  With the exception of Fenway Park in Boston (built in 1912), Wrigley Field (built in 1914) is the only other true, original ‘ballpark’ still utilized in Major League Baseball.  While recently enjoying "The Friendly ...
There is only one sure way to recognize a Chicago Style Hot Dog.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always looked forward to enjoying my hot dogs the traditional way -- the exact same way in which they are constructed in my hometown.  Of course, it is imperative that all 'authentic' Chicago Style ...
I am a mosquito magnet.  A beacon of light capable of attracting practically any mosquito within a 50-mile radius.  Perhaps more appropriately, I am a tasty, human snack for anything that flies and bites.  Sometimes, I wonder if this could be the reason why I get invited to so many summer parties...
Remember this clever, little idiom from years ago?  With a great deal of conviction, students would use this excuse in an attempt to justify their poor performance -- and lack of homework?  Certainly, I doubt any teacher ever truly believed this defense.  Yet, in my opinion, a lame excuse is bett...

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