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If you’re like me, you took Driver’s Education as part of your sophomore or junior year curriculum.  Back in high school, Driver’s Ed was a semester-long, elective course in which you were qualified to enroll at the age of 15.  Typically, by the last day of class, a student was well versed on the...
Whoever thought of putting expiration dates on groceries was a genius.  It's funny, but I don't remember seeing expiration dates on anything when I was growing up.  Nowadays, they're on everything from eggs to batteries.  You can’t help but notice them as you shop, and they certainly glare at you...
I’ve always heard that the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys the boat – and the day he sells it.  I’ve also heard that it is much simpler to know someone who owns a boat than to own one yourself.  Over the years, I've known several people who have graciously shared the ...
Don't we all encounter folks like this?  I know I do.  Often times, in certain situations, I find it's best to breathe deep, find humor, laugh a little, and take what some people say or do with a grain of salt.  Or, as a good friend of mine once advised many years ago:  "You just have to pray fo...
Men with hair.  Men without hair.  It’s all the same to me.  In my eyes, the content of a man’s character, his personality, integrity, sense of humor, and kindness quotient are so much more important than how much hair he has on his head. That being said, I just couldn’t resist creating this blog...
Admit it.  You know you’ve been tempted to leave before.  There you are – once again waiting on your habitually late friend for the umpteenth time.  Trust me, I know how you feel.  Many years ago, I used to be that friend.  And, no matter how hard I tried – I just couldn't kick the habit of consi...
Jerry Seinfeld once said that out of your entire wardrobe, socks suffer the most boring existence.  Worn on our feet and living in the worst of all possible dresser drawers, socks attempt to cheat fate by planning their own escape on the night before laundry day.  And, while I can neither confir...


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