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Contactually co-founder and Chief of Operations Tony Cappaert shares email and relationship management tips with Realtors on ActiveRain.
Well, that'll be tomorrow, on February 19. However, it is National Get To Know An Independent Real Estate Broker month. I passively heard about this two years ago and was ust recently reminded about it. Do any of you fine folks do anything, and what do you think? I think it's a cool idea, really....
I stumbled upon this post detailing why people open emails. Unsurprisingly, or surprisingly, the main reason an email is actually opened is based on the organization that sent it. And this harks back to building relationships with whom you send emails to and the importance of doing so. And, of c...
I found an interesting article recently that I'd love to share. Kelly Marsh of Klemmer & Associates wrote a little something on a McGraw Hill study that took a look at how businesses followed up with sales opportunities.  Here are some of the interesting facts:   48% of sales people never follow ...
If you’ve read any of my other blog posts by now, you’re well aware how centric and integral email is to my personal and professional liveliness. What’s more? The more time that passes, the more people I encounter who are in a similar situation to mine. So, just how much has society’s “email prob...
By the end of 2012, I'm sure everyone is in agreement with me when I say that Facebook is here to stay (and can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool to boot!). While I was curating content and posts for Contactually's Facebook page the other day, I noticed that even Facebook is participating ...
Apparently, today is the second annual No Email Day. A little over a year ago, a man from the UK named Paul Lancaster declared that 11/11/11 would be the first annual No Email Day. In creating this day, Paul aimed to accomplish two things: 1) he wanted to detach from the endless cycle of reading,...
If you're like me, your Gmail or Google Apps inbox is incredibly important to you. I use Gmail for my personal as well as my work email accounts, and am constantly looking for ways to improve my Gmail productivity. From keyboard shortcuts, to the addition of new Labs, to features that remain even...
We had some unseasonably warm weather in DC early this week. I was able to get to and from work without even thinking about my thick winter jacket! However, as so often happens, winter quickly crept back into the region by the middle of the week. While I was certainly glad to see the weather go, ...
      According to the 2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 74% of your clients will give you a referral if you stay in touch, making referrals from your past clients your top source of business. However, as InmanNext's Chris Smith so eloquently put, "follow up in real estate sucks." How...
Hi Rainmakers! I hope your transition into your post-Thanksgiving work week has been going smoothly. It was a cold, rainy, and overall very dreary day in Washington DC today, and I thought that those of you who are in similar weather conditions could use a little pick-me-up. Over Thanksgiving, my...

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