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I know the market is said to not improve until next year this time, but we have buyers.  Some properties are actually moving.  Showings are up from 0 to at least one a day.  I'm so impressed the week before Christmas.  Going to go see the granddaughters up north for Christmas and I'm hoping this ...
This market is making me nuts.  I've been around the real estate community since 1980 and this one even has me crazed.  SW Florida sure has it's work cut out for us.  It is such a beautiful place to live and play.  Since we have experienced such a huge growth that was investor driven the fallout ...
I don't know about you, but my phone is ringing more.  I'm starting to see signs of a changing market.  I mean the slide seems to have slowed and stopped in some cases and there are buyers starting to buy.  Gerard Marino a commerical agent, wrote an excellent article in Sundays Newspress.  I hope...
Just had a week with my daughter Chris, her husband Mark and the lights of my life Madeline 5 1/2 and Caitlin 2 1/2.  Wow it was great.  Both little girls are huge water girls. Madeline is already on the swim team and swimming real strokes.  It's amazing.  Caitlin is right behind her.  With her b...
CONGRATULATIONS Maggie,  What an honor and what an achievement.  we are so proud that she is our manager of our office at Sellstate Achievers.  Can't think of anyone that deserves it more.  She has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Realtors in Lee County and our office.  Now she can benefi...
I have belonged since 2000 to the Rotary Club of Cape Coral.  This organization has amazed me over the years with their mission of fostering the ideals of service as a basic worthy enterprise and have high ethical business practices and recognition of useful occupations.  Not only is this organiz...

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