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Real estate news in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.
  Cape Coral Police Department now has tracking bracelets for Alzheimer patients, children with autism and other brain disfunctions. The Chief at Cape Coral Police was at Cape Coral Rotary Club meeting on Wend. to announce this program in Cape Coral. This will give the care givers of these people...
Building permits in Cape Coral and unincorporated Lee County were up. Lee County had 80 new permits and Cape Coral had 34 permits (more than double last month). This is significant.  This seems to be the beginning of the turn.  The sense I get of the market is how people talk about what is happen...
We are certainly looking very crispy and feeling the same.  I know rainy season is just around the corner but it is coming.  The fire burning in Lake Okeechobee has been a nasty way of fowling the air for miles around even as far as Cape Coral.  Last week fire broke out in the Naples area and thi...
This is great news.  #1 it is a key evacuation route for Pine Island.  There is only one section left that is not 4 lanes.  It is preventing the regional mall concept from going further.  If all the stars align and the funding comes thru (years earlier than anticipated) we will be in fat city and...
So says the News-Press.  I observed 2 1/2 years after the real estate market started to dive the city and county are just now starting to react to what was happening all around them.  I've never understood why government is reactive and not proactive.  Why did they seem to turn a blind eye to the...
What fun this past Saturday.  Every year the Rotary club of Cape Coral hosts a Cardboard Boat Regatta.  This is a fund raiser for Rotary that does sooo much for the community and the world community.  Last Sundays NewsPress was a huge article on Red Bay.  There is great food, rock climbing wall, ...
Wow there are great programs out there for the first time buyers and anyone that is employed and looking for a new home.  FHA cap in Lee county is $356,250.  That is amazing.  There is also the Nehemiah and Ameridream programs allowing first time buyers to buy a home with absolutely no money out ...
I believe we can safely say we finally reached the bottom.  It is time to buy!  Since the beginning of the month our phone has been super busy and we are writing contracts.  It has been a long road and loads of people have either bought at the top of the market or took equity out and refinanced. ...
Boy I have questioned the tax bill coming up.  Doing nothing doesn't seem to be a good idea. To vote still does nothing for second home, vacant land and commercial people. Again no representation and not fair taxing. There are a ton of people like myself that have been in their same home for many...
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