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Thanks to increasingly tightening credit standards and rising interest rates, there has been a lot of buzz about the startling increase in foreclosure rates across America.Many homeowners think it can or will not happen to them, but what would you do if you were actually faced with the prospect o...
Many home buyers are not aware of the fact that most moving expenses can be written off as a tax deduction - even house-hunting trips!  In order to receive the deduction, however, it is important to keep detailed records of all moving expenses if your move is job-related.  If your move is 35 mile...
Many of us may just think of it as the dirt and grass that our home is sitting on, but the makeup and quality of the soil upon which your home is built is extremely complex and varies from area to area.  Investigating the soil on your property can tell you a great deal about the history and futur...
Thanks to today's tightening credit standards, you may need more paperwork than ever when applying for a new home loan.  To try to make the process less daunting, I've put together this list of items you may be required to bring along when you visit your lender to begin the loan application proce...
America is still in the middle of what is being referred to in the news media as "Mortgage Meltdown 2007."  Adding to the gloomy outlook of the housing market, Realty Trac (an online marketer of foreclosure properties) has announced that the huge influx of recent foreclosure filings showed no sig...
If you've turned on the news or read the paper lately, you can't miss the coverage of Hurricane Dean and other weather-related disasters across the country.  This is a good time for homeowners everywhere to review their homeowners insurance policies.  If you are not familiar with the details of y...

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