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Purchasing a home is the biggest investment you can possibly make. This is why you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before you move in.   So what exactly is it that you should be looking for on your walk-through? Here are some of the key points to consider before sealing the dea...
  A lot of people are aware that the market has fluctuated greatly over the last decade and that the housing market is starting to rebound. However, some homeowners may not realize that their values have likely increased over the past couple of years since the 2008 collapse.   On average, the lis...
You have probably been confused by all of the acronyms that get thrown around in real estate advertisements. There is a big reason that so many acronyms and terms are used in these ads.   For starters, a lot of advertisements have to pay for each word in print. Secondly, an ad may only get a cert...
Taking advantage of foreclosures is a current favorite strategy for investors and for people who are looking to make a profit from a distressed housing market. Economists predict that the market has now bottomed out and it is expected to begin recovering. Since people have started being optimisti...
Due to creditors looking for positive credit histories, an established income and a low debt-to-income ratio, it can be difficult to receive a mortgage to purchase a home when you have bad credit. A potential buyer that meets only one or two of these criteria is unlikely to receive the mortgage t...
Fannie may, a company that sells mortgage-backed securities, posted a $17.2 billion profit for the 2012 year. The profit, which is more than Wal-Mart’s or General Electric’s, is the largest that Fannie Mae has ever had, doubling the 2003 profit of $8.1 billion. The mortgage financier reported pro...
    If you are buying investment properties, it is helpful to know what renters are looking for before you buy. We contacted Apartment Guide, which drew an estimated 19 million visits in 2007, to see what were the most searched for amenities in the last 90 days. Here are their top three and two o...

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