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It is being reported that founder Jeff Bezos is to purchase the Washington Post newspaper conglomerate for $250 million dollars.   It is always a surprise when a successful businessman makes an entry into a totally different field but this announcement is both remarkable and tantilizin...
Another in the series of Take a Break posts for all of us on a Sunday afternoon.   I have heard this music before, but it has been a while.  My notes say "The Typewriter" for orchestra was written by Leroy Anderson in 1950.  This performance is given by the National Orchestra and Chorus of Spain ...
I note that I have been hanging out on Active Rain for seven years now. During that time I have participated in discussions about photography, technology, politics (oh yes –  the politics) and life in general.  I do not contribute as much as I used to.  The culture is changing –  the politics has...
Although Washington DC is booming in areas as a result of the high demand for graft and corruption inside the Beltway, there are areas of the District that are economically depressed and underserved by major retail outlets that thrive in other major cities.  Wal-Mart has offered to enter the area...
"We have a Pope" About an hour ago, white smoke billowed out of the chimney located on the top of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to announce that the College of Cardinals, in Conclave, had elected the 266th Pope who will serve as the head of the Vatican City Nation State and will speak with t...
There are an increasing number of photo editing programs with a wide range of capability, complexity and price.  Photoshop (expensive) and GIMP (free) are full featured digital editors. With the power of the complex programs comes a long learing curve to get the maximum output.  I have recommende...
I would guess that it is a tough economy for Microsoft to release it's new Windows 8 operating system.  Certainly many new computer buyers are snapping up tablets rather than desktops and laptops.  In any case, the sales of Windows 8 have been disappointing for Microsoft. So there has been an ext...
I have spoken in the past about George Gilder and his book “Telecosm” written in 2000. Gilders premise is that cultures have changed significantly when technology changes and drives the cost of some factor of production to (or near) zero. In the industrial revolution, it was horsepower. In the 19...
OK - I was finished with this topic in my last post . But a little closer inspection of the incident was about to creep into my response to comments, so I will add to my thoughts here. Those who have had enough of the subject may feel free to click "next" and go back to watching football. I...
I wrote a draft of an article about the incident at Sandy Hook shortly after it occurred. I did not complete it because such discussions are no longer fun. Political and media agendas are taking over where reason and rational thinking should be in charge. But as I continue to hear the baying of t...

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Blog title: Sound and Fury is from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The quote: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing."

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