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The US Supreme Court announced today that they were accepting the Arizona immigration law case for review.  Action by the Supreme Court in our Society is a significant event.  There is very limited power in the Supreme Court for original jurisdiction.  The Court typically exercises appellate juri...
An interesting conversation took place at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire this afternoon.  Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman met in a two man, Lincoln-Douglas style debate.  I have a very high opinion of both of these men.  Their intellect and experience gives them both...
As we enter the holiday season, we also draw nearer to the first primary elections of the Presidential election season.  The Iowa caucus occurs on January 3, 2012, while the first primary election will happen in New Hampshire on January 10. The New Hampshire race took an interesting turn today wh...
In what I would classify as a rest move, I will not complain about the ineptness, corruption or political agenda of our government and the Obama administration today. (Well - its early yet.  But at least not in this post) Instead let's pick on the European Union.  After all, their problems and th...
The Supreme Court announced today that they would hear the cases involving the Affordable Health Care Act - known to most of us as ObamaCare.  This is not a surprise.  With District Courts of Appeal reaching different conclusions on some of the questions at issue, there is a conflict of laws prob...
The US Supreme Court began its current term on the first Monday of October.  Last week the Court heard oral arguments in an interesting Fourth Amendment case, United Stats v Jones. As we all know, technology has virtually eliminated privacy as we may have defined it a few years ago.  But most of ...
I have a framed image on my wall that says “The price of freedom keeps rising but the quality seems to be deteriorating.” As my readers have heard before in these pages, we seem to be in an era of cultural decline in the United States.  The history and traditions that made America great are not b...
Who is Gilad Shalit - and why do we care ? Gilad was a 19 year old Israeli tank crew member who was kidnapped by Palestinians from Israeli territory five years ago. Several of his comrades were killed in the attack. Yesterday at the age of 25, looking gaunt and malnourished Gilad was released to ...
The "Occupy this and that" protest gatherings are capturing some of the news cycle these days. I am not sure I understand why. In the early days of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings there seemed to be a collection of younger dissenters who had no coherent message or objectives - but seemed to jus...
Steve Jobs, legendary founder and passionate spokesman of Apple Computer died today.  Steve, like his colleague and competitor, Bill Gates of Microsoft, changed the world.  Steve had other successes (Pixar Animation Studios for example) but he will be forever linked with Apple.  Steve and Steve W...

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Blog title: Sound and Fury is from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The quote: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing."

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