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Using your GPS without putting in an Address...Imagine if we did this; how hard would it be to find our destination? How long would it take us to get there? How much time or gas would we waste? Yet...... we do this in Life....we start each day with no address, no road map, we have a general idea....
Learn how to thrive in a changing market with our 2023 Success Plan.Coverage includes: Dissect what worked and what didn't work in 2022 In a shifting year, review where to increase spending and where to move it Know which activities create your highest financial return of your time and many more!...
Great way to end the Week! David Hansen was a rock star as we negotiated through this one over the last 2 days! Experience and knowledge in this market certainly is a key ingredient in finding a "WIN WIN" situation for all sides!! Rhonda Taylor was a great agent to work with on the Buyers side a...
We have exactly 9 days left before the 2023 Success Plan Event happening at the North Harbor Club, in Davidson, NC.Learn how to thrive in a changing market with our 2023 Success Plan. Coverage includes: Dissect what worked and what didn't work in 2022 In a shifting year, review where to increase ...
➡️DATE MOVED⬅️ It’s your lucky day! If you thought about signing up for this webinar but forgot to before it was too late, this is your sign to go ahead and get signed up NOW! 📆 October 11th Click here if you’re ready to elevate your business➡️
MONEY MONDAYS💰   The buzz of last week was all about the rise of interest rates. 📈 ———————————————  What does this mean for buyers? Well exactly what you’re thinking. The buying process just got a tad more expensive. Should that stop you from buying? Nope! If you’re needing to purchase a new hom...
You asked for it and it’s HERE. “The Black Belt of Personalities” This webinar will be all about the best ways to understand your clients personalities, helping you know the best way to communicate with them. We will also be talking about ways to have the upper hand during negotiating, how to inc...
NEW VIDEO is live! Topic: “Adversity motivates”  Click the link below to listen in as I share a little bit about my personal life and how I used adversity in my life to motivate me instead of letting in consume me.  Instead of listening to music on your way home from work today, try hitting play▶...
Congrats to our buyers on locking down this Mooresville property! 💥 It's such an exciting time to be a buyer right now and we're so happy for this family!  Huge thank you to the listing agent, Roxanna LeVan for giving my buyers this opportunity. Looking forward to closing this one out with you✔️
Evidence of success✔️Huge thank you to Michael B. for sharing this! I’m so glad I could help elevate you and your teams real estate business.  Want to learn more about my coaching program? Don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to answer any questions you may have! 

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