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The market has slowed down to a crawl in some places.  It doesn't mean you have to!When the market turns cold, Brokers tell their agents to "Make more calls" and "Find more Buyers", "...never give up".  While the last statement is always true, the first two become marginally true.  Yes, you can c...
Single Women Are More  Active In Buying Fixer-UppersMore and more single females are buying homes and 25% of these prospective buyers said they would prefer to buy a 'fixer-upper'. "The notable upswing in real estate activity among females is not surprising given that women are earning higher sal...
There are companies out there that will offer Agents (or agencies) free Presentation folders for the rights to sell advertising inside the folders.  They go out and sell 25 -30 ads based on "helping the advertisers get leads from the Agents".  This, of course, obligates the Agents to send the adv...
Slowly, but surely print advertising is dying.  In Feb/07 I sold off our print business.  We printed the Presentation Folders that agents use to carry their offers in and we sold advertising inside to related brokers, lawyers, and others.When the results for the advertisers...

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