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A short stroll in Old Town Manassas The beautiful weather this weekend in Manassas provided a great opportunity to take a stroll in Old Town! The Opera House Gift and Gourmet,, had a wine tasting. We ended up at Center Street Grill,, ...
Email from Richard Sanderson, City Assessor for Manassas Park, VA Just received this email from Richard Sanderson, City Assessor for Manassas Park, VA. I thought it was worthwhile information to pass on to you. For information about Manassas House Deals, visit T...
Overbuilt House Near Manassas OVERBUILD (ō'vər-bĭld') - To build with excessive size or elaboration. Today I inspected a 7 bedroom overbuilt house. The owners had built several additions over the years without good planning. The floor plan is basically non-functional. The latest additions include...
Transactional Funding Transactional funding is used by real estate investors in Manassas to buy properties at a discount and sell fast to another investor or homeowner. Sometimes I call transactional funding"15 day money." But in fact, transactional funding can be used for simultaneous closings, ...
My focus on investment property in Manassas is providing opportunities in other areas of Northern Virginia I decided a long time ago to focus my real estate investment business in the Manassas area of Prince William County. My focus has enabled me to learn the market fairly well. Along the way, i...
The Rental Market in Manassas and Manassas Park. An Observation. I keep getting approached by tenants in the Manassas area who are looking for properties to rent. Ive been talking to a bunch of people over the past couple of weeks and I've made some general observations about the rental market in...
This is a new house put on the foundation of the previous fire damaged house. The builder decided to list it on the MLS with a real estate agent after we tried to market it for a while ourselves. 9527 Damascus Drive, Manassas, VA 20109 Call Michele Marion of HRC Properties LLC at 703-568-1091. If...
A Positive Mental Attitude in Manassas Park A few weeks ago I noticed a house that burned down a in Manassas Park. I stopped by the house and walked around. It's obvious that the owners lost everything. The yard was strewn with children's toys blackened by smoke. The next day I caught up with the...
Getting calls from signs in Manassas Yard signs are a great way to get your phone ringing! I've got three houses in Manassas under contract right now. They are generating calls almost daily. This adds up to a lot of advertising bang for your buck. I always try to orient my signs for maximum expos...
Last week I downloaded a PDF copy of  contact information for real estate assessors located in Manassas and the greater Northern Virginia region. It is a great resource which was originally compiled by the Assessor for Manassas Park City, Richard Sanderson. It can now be downloaded at the followi...

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