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Is the NVAR Regional Sales Contract assignable?Real estate agents and investors ask, is the purchase contract used for real estate transactions in Northern Virginia assignable to another buyer?You may have heard agents tell you that the contract cannot be assigned. Let me share a story with you.R...
Here are two photographs of houses I recently inspected. The one with the small front porch is being marketed by the listing agent as having a rocking chair front porch. But as you can see, the first picture shows that you really can't fit a rocking chair on that porch. So does rocking chair fron...
I'm on a quest for learning about kitchen cabinets. Yes, I've been renovating houses for a while as a real estate investor. I've been rehabbing houses which include gutting and rebuilding kitchens. Cost effective solutions for upgrading kitchens is one of the ways we as investors make money on fl...
Breaking and Entering for Real Estate Investment Profits My real estate agent showed me 12 investment properties in one afternoon for me to do some quick home inspections. All of them were concentrated in the Acworth area of Cherokee County in North Metro Atlanta. At one house my investor friend...
"The Summer Selling Broker Bonus is not eligible on investor purchases." This is what Sandra Watkins, my Realtor in North Metro Atlanta, said to me. As Sandra pointed out, the work she puts into getting a house sold to an investor is the same as it would be for a homeowner buyer. So why not give ...
My Investment Team Says "Buy Now" This week I talked to two of my investment partners who I have worked with on several real estate investment transactions over the past two years. Like me, both of them are ready to buy more houses. We Pay Cash We are using cash to make our real estate purchases....
This is a great story. Thanks to Jay Markanich of Real Esate Inspections, LLC for sharing taking the time to write this up and share it with us.Our family goes on only one vacation a year that lasts longer than 3 days.  Sometimes we go to Virginia Beach.  This year we went to the same place we al...
Are you building your network on Twitter? Over the last couple of months I have been using Twitter a lot. I have learned a few things that may be helpful to anyone trying to use Twitter to build their network of real estate leads. Automation has helped me to send out my message consistently ever...
I am about to close on a short sale purchase of a single family house in Alexandria, VA. In order to secure the deal, I had to negotiate with the seller and wait 6 months for the bank to approve the short sale. During the six month waiting period, the bank required certain documents from both sel...
We Buy Houses (Yes, I'm one of those guys) You have seen the signs. Yes, I'm talking about those signs out there that say We Buy Houses. First of all I need to say that I don't have any of those signs out there but I am in the same business of buying houses for investment property. You probably w...

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