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RC Mortgage Tn provides commercial financing for purchases, refinances, cash-out refinances, and construction for all types of commercial properties including gas stations, convenience stores, automotive, car washes, multifamily, apartments, mixed use, mobile home parks, self storage, retail, office buildings, day care, land only, bridge loans, hard money, construction bail-out loans. We do full doc, stated income on select properties and loan amounts, and hard money in all 50 states Our mission is to offer financial solutions to meet our customers present day and future financial needs with friendly and accurate service.
Through Private Money Investors we can easily offer in all States Hard Money Loans and Bridge Loans for all Commercial Properties to meet unusual situations such as underfinanced Construction Projects, the need to borrow money to purchase or refinance a business but credit scores are low, or unus...
MERRCHANT CASH ADVANCES    $500000 MAX PROGRAM  AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE Most small business fail due to cash flow chalenges which can easily be avoided by having the right financing in place before the crunch hits. The search for unsecured financing can be time consuming and frustrating. Spend your ...
Most people do not realize that getting a Gas Station Loan or Truck Stop Loan is not hard when doing business with RC Mortgage Tn. We offer both Conventional and SBA Loans with very flexible rates and terms to qualified borrowers. Conventional is more flexible. Note that we do not have profession...
THIS IS THE SIMPLEST STATED INCOME SMALL BALANCE LOAN ON THE MARKET - OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT The program Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance through Private Investors Loan Range - $50,000 to $400,000 Minimum mid score - 600 Loan to value range - 50% to 75%   (depending on the deal) Fixed rate ...
RC MORTGAGE TN is able to offer Private Money Funding for ALL Commercial Properties in all States that are more flexibility than the local banks and can do loans the banks would not even consider   We have programs to suit our clients present day and future financial needs CONVENTIONAL PROGRAMS P...
  RC MORTGAGE TN has Investors who consider Hard Money Projects  Nationwide for  All Commercial Properties   We are looking for those bold projects that do not fit traditional lending criteria, 'Out of the Box Loans.' Just forward a detailed Executive Summary describing the Proposed Loan you are ...
Owner Occupied Properties and Self-employed Borrowers who can’t verify their income Commercial loans * Stated Income - Stated Assets loans from $100K to $2.0M FICO 675 or above. All we need is 1003 (loan application) and a credit report within 30 days! The Advantage * Simple loan documents * No l...
Bridge Financing $500,000 - $50million 65% (hotels/motels - flagged, marinas, auto, & owner occupied) 75% (multi-family, office, retail, mixed-use, warehouse/flex) 11% - 16% 1-2 Yr Term 12 month interest reserve available 6 - 10 pts 600+ mid fico *Fast closings & LOW DSR C CONTACT Buddy Dufau RC ...

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RC Mortgage Tn finances, refinances and does cash-out refinances for commercial properties nation wide. Our mission is to offer financial solutions to suit our customers present day and future financial needs with friendly and accurate service