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5.3% today, unreal.  I just re-fied at 5.5% and I wish I had waited.Meanwhile, where are the buyers, especially first-time homeowners?  You seriously need to get off the fence and get into this great market.It's the perfect market for everyone, even sellers...that are priced right.  Sellers must ...
A couple of months ago I had a buyer come in for a consultation.  I do this for all buyers, no matter what.  I have to determine their motivation, and also their qualification.We had a great meeting, I follow up with him every week for 2 months.  He e-mails back and forth, and then today I see hi...
I wanted to take a minute and say congratulations on making the first step toward long-term wealth, owning your own home.Being a first-time home buyer means lots of things to consider.  If you would like free information about the buying process, take time to check out this website.http://www.phi...
Wow, what a game we had in Green Bay today... I was pulling for the Pack (as an Eagles fan I hate the Giants).  But, I must say, Favre will be back next year.  There is no way that he will leave his career in the hands of an interception.   Go Patriots, that is all.
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about my newest listing coming on the market in a couple of weeks.500 Brighton Road in Perkiomen Township is a 4 bed 2.5 bath Colonial Manor Home in the sought after Cranberry Estates Neighborhood.It has over 2500 square feet of living space on the ...
According to the National Association of Realtors·       Over the past 30 years, home values have risen more than 6 percent annually.·       On average, the value of a home nearly doubles every 10 years.·       60 percent of the average homeowner's wealth comes from their home's equity.·       Th...
As a REALTOR, I hear it all the time in listing appointments.  "We can't afford to take that cut...we paid this much and have to net this."We have to communicate with our sellers that you are not buying and selling a primary residence for an investment purpose, it's all about your lifestyle.  Wha...
"Married Filing Jointly".I get to finally take advantage of some great tax benefits.In 2007, I started a business (Real Estate), bought a house, and got married.  Three big life changing events that save you money on your tax returns.  Gotta love it.Can't wait til 2008 when we have a full year of...
What is the purpose for using an Exclusive agent when buying a house?  Why do you need a good, solid, Buyer's agent?It's very simple...does a seller work with several agents at one time and have 8 different signs in the front of their yard?  Absolutely not.  They want one line of communication an...
Gotta love multiple offers for close to asking price.  Have a listing I just put on the market in December, just started showing January 2nd, and there are 2 offers in on it we're negotiating.I think things are heating up here in Philly.  It's all about pricing the home correctly though.  If it w...

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