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A few months ago, I interviewed with and was hired by a home owner who wanted to sell and then buy a new home. We'll call this client Beverly.  Let's see if you've ever had a Beverly?  From the very beginning, I noticed some red flags with Beverly.  Like most of us though, I chose to ignore many ...
How to sell your house in Raleigh without stress... Until today, that's been the million dollar question.  With thousands of real estate agents running around, and a dozen cash buyers making you low offers and asking you to sell directly to them, there doesn't seem to be a good middle ground for ...
Why Conflict Is The Key To Success In Your Real Estate Business.What, are you saying Bruce? I try to make it through my life and real estate business peacefully, and try to avoid conflict wherever possible.  First, I'm as peace loving as the next guy, and in most cases I have a visceral reaction ...
Over my 15 years in Real Estate, I was trained to do real estate the wrong way, and I bet you are being trained the wrong way to.  I was taught to: Always answer my phone ... no matter what! I was taught to work as late (or early) in the day as it took to get all my work done. I was taught to res...

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