Selling Real Estate for the Downsizing “Aging in Home” Buyers, otherwise known as; “The Baby-Boomer” Market From 1946 through 1964, there were approximately 79 million babies born in the good ‘ole USA.  Most of us are still around. Yes, there were more than a few who “dropped out”, literally.  Go...
A guy I knew from the mortgage industry died last night... from a massive heart attack.  We got the news this morning via text message. Both my wife and I considered "Bob", (not his real name), a good friend. My wife had worked with both he and his wife at a major wholesale mortgage bank back whe...
Today's  lesson- Rust, or in the case of real estate, rusty pipes. Rust is scientifically called oxidation, which occurs when oxygen comes in long-term contact with certain metals. Over time, the oxygen combines with the metal at an atomic level, forming a new compound called an oxide and weakeni...
The ticking time bomb of old rusty galvanized pipes is wrecking havoc on home-buyers and their agents. The fault may lay with neglected foreclosure and short-sale properties but the ramifications are far reaching for the new owners and the agents who specialize in these types of properties. With...
Today September 17th is Constitution day. The celebration of that little piece of paper we base our way of life on. Since most of us may have forgotten some of the more important amendments, I put them here so you might pause and reflect on the freedoms and liberties that allow us all to prosper ...
This house might need be worth the fight... 15 days into escrow and you found out the house does not meet FHA conditions. Sound familiar, well, it is in these neck our the woods of Southern California. It seems more than ever we are getting agents and homeowners in the Los Angeles area coming to...
    There's a new law the real estate industry needs to be aware of, and it has a HUGE bite to it! $32,500 fines (and that's even for the first offense), licenses revoked and suspended, lawsuits, neighborhood watchdogs on the prowl, OUCH! We are not talking about slaps on the wrist. You think the...
DON'T BE FOOLED. Just because your buyer is FHA qualified does not mean your house is. Just because the MLS states, "MAY qualify for FHA financing" does not mean the house actually will either! If you are a real estate professional, you would know "FHA qualified" does not just refer to the buyer...
Pool smells like a septic tank! Lawn is horrible! Bring all buyers! Believe it or not, this type of marketing just might be the newest trend in marketing. I am a member of 5 Realtors boards throughout the Los Angeles area from Lancaster to Hollywood. I listen to about 100-150 pitches at MLS meeti...
This is a REACH OUT to the AR community. I NEED YOUR INPUT on a class we are teaching to our local board of Realtors!!! We have been asked to teach a class at a few Realty board meetings and local brokerage offices within the next two months. We have TONS of topics and info to share, but we reall...

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