Guess Formula One showed everyone - rain is the great equalizer. It poured unmercifully during the Grand Prix at Monza, Italy.  This is the fastest circuit on the Formula One schedule, so those teams that are built for speed do very well there. For any of you that follow this awesome sport, you k...
Well, that's what it feels like anyway. Over the last two weeks we've seen huge movements in interest rates.  With all of the uncertainty and fear in the financial markets, the Dow just keeps getting battered.  The bond market has also had its share of problems. Long term interest rates have fluc...
So after speaking to a number of my agents and prospects Monday and Tuesday, all I kept hearing was that the talking heads on TV were saying that there was no money to lend for mortgages!  I therefore had to take the initiative to send out the following email to my database of Realtors. I just wa...
This year alone, 30%-40% of the loans I have closed have been VA loans.  BUT none of the VA loans I have EVER closed in my career were new construction purchases where the VA loan was the end loan.  Of all the loans I have done over the years, I closed very few new construction end loans. Typical...
I've said it before: I love technology, especially when it helps make me more productive.  I've found another valuable tool that I need to tell you about. Jott.Com offers a service that converts voice to text. It allows me to send emails virtually hands free as well as text messages without typin...
To all you Realtors out there, as if there weren't enough details to concern yourselves with such as legislative changes, Fannie and Freddie interventions, and down payment assistance eliminations; more issues keep coming along that make things even more complicated.  To that end, if you're repre...
In a previous blog post I stated that Fannie and Freddie are too important to our economy to fail.  Well we've just seen the inevitable happen with the U.S. Treasury stepping in to take over running the companies.  To cut to the chase, Fannie and Freddie need investors to buy their bond issues so...
Some time ago I wrote a post about and what a great tool it is. It allows me to keep in touch with clients and colleagues, but it also allows me to communicate with them more effectively because I can record and embed video into my emails. I needed to purchase a USB camera for about $4...
Is there a difference between pre-foreclosure sales and short sales? Well, Fannie Mae seems to think so, see Pre-foreclosure sales are where the borrower has been delinquent on payments and the lender accepts a lesser a...
They are extremely vital to the health of our housing market, as evidenced over the last year when Wall Street money dried up in the mortgage markets. Fannie and Freddie kept the conforming, full doc mortgage market moving along as if nothing was amiss. Their problems started when investors of Fa...

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