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Sale of Business In OntarioQuestion:Q 6: Under REBBA 2002, a buyer must receive a statement of assets and liabilities, a profit and loss statement and a list of items not included in the sale prior to a binding agreement.  Can the purchaser provide a waiver for receipt of this?Answer:The Brokerag...
Term Posted Rate Preferred Rate Open 1 Year 6.30% 6.30% Fixed 1 Year 3.04% 2.64% Fixed 2 Year 3.24% 2.54% Fixed 3 Year 3.44% 2.69% Fixed 4 Year 3.89% 2.94% Fixed 5 Year 4.99% 2.94% Fixed 7 Year 5.30% 3.69% Fixed 10 Year 6.10% 3.74% Variable 2.35% Prime 3.20% Benchmark 4.99%
Commercial Bond Yields   CMB         GoC         Floating RateInsured Cost of Funds 5 Year - 1.96%CANHOU 12/15/22 [-]       5 Year - 1.63%CAN 1.0 09/01/22 [-]       1.30% [-]                     5 Year - 2.02%*CANHOU 06/15/23 [-]                                       10 Year - 2.32%*CANHOU 03/15...
Delivery of the Notice of Acceptance in OntarioQuestion:Acceptance can be communicated to seller's sales rep by fax or in person. When seller's rep receives notice, buyer received it in single representation.Acceptance can also be conveyed at seller's rep's brokerage. Can this notice of acceptanc...
Fixed term best discounted rates & posted rates as of Nov 20, 2017 6 mos                                 3.10%         3.14%1yr                                     2.64%          3.04%2yr                                     2.54%          3.24%3yr                                     2.69%        ...
Appraisal Issues Following Bidding WarsThere is a relatively new phenomenon involving the failure of a property to meet appraisals standards, following bidding wars.So, let’s look at a scenario. Bob puts his property on the market at $540,000. That really doesn’t make that much sense, since he pa...
Brian Madigan - Real Estate SURVEYS, BOUNDARIES and ADVERSE POSSESSION Course 22 November 2017Should you get a Survey?How valuable is a Survey?Isn’t it no longer necessary, now, that there’s title insurance? Where is the boundary of the stream, river, lake? Does this boundary move?Mutual Driveway...
Brian Madigan -  Real Estate Chattels and Fixtures Course 22 November 2017Chattels and Fixtures: Do You Know the Difference?How do you tell?Did you know that a Lease is a chattel?What about an Easement?Some picture hooks in the wall are fixtures and others are chattels, do you know how to tell th...
Cottages, Timeshares and Some Boats are Matrimonial Homes in OntarioQuestion:Can a cottage or a timeshare be designated as a matrimonial home?Answer:Yes, both a cottage and a timeshare can be matrimonial homes.There can be numerous. Also, this can extend beyond real estate. So a boat would qualif...
Swimming Pool Clause for Fall and WinterConsider the following:"The parties agree that the swimming pool shall be opened not later than xx April, 2017, by a profession pool maintenance company, selected by the Seller, at the Buyer’s expense. The Seller represents, warrants, and agrees: 1)    That...

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