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Family Law Course The course on the “Family Law: Marriage, Divorce, Division of Property and the Matrimonial Home” will run on 13 July 2015, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the program will be hosted at RE/MAX Centre 766 Hespeler Road, Cambridge. This is always a fun course because at least one half ...
Fixed term best discounted Invis rates & posted rates as of July 7, 20156 mos                                 3.10%         3.14%1yr                                     2.29%          2.89%2yr                                     2.19%          2.84%3yr                                     2.34%   ...
  TERM POSTED Preferred RATES* 6 month 3.14% 3.1% 1 year 2.89% 2.29% 2 year 2.84% 2.19% 3 year 3.39% 2.25% 4 year 3.89% 2.54% 5 year 4.64% 2.54% 7 year 5.3% 3.44% 10 year 6.75% 3.84% Variable 2.1% Prime 2.85% BenchMark 4.64% Cost per $1,000 $4.50 * Cost per $1000 based on 5yr fixed term rate comp...
There is always a great deal of confusion and discussion concerning conditions and escape clauses contained in agreements relating to real estate. But, it is really rather straightforward and the documentation depends upon how the escape clause was written in the first place.There are really just...
The latin expression "inter alia" means "among other things".The reference is often made when a short quotation or extract is made. The words "inter alia" are added so that the reader will know and appreciate that the quotation was not the full quotation in its entirety. There was more, so the re...
Term Posted Rates Preferred Rates*  1 Year   3.29%  2.29%   2 Year   3.09%   2.19%   3 Year   3.39%  2.34%  4 Year   3.89%   2.54%  5 Year   4.49%  2.54%    7 Year   5.29%   3.39%   10 Year  5.79%    3.84%    Prime Rate: 2.85%  Variable Rate: 2.15%  
OREA Form 801 ~ Commentary   Bill 55 comes into force on 1 July 2015. For real estate agents, it will permit e-signatures and will require the Brokerage acting on behalf of the Seller to retain either:   1)    A copy of all Offers, or 2)    A copy of a prescribed document.   The choice with this...
Buyer Representation Agreement (Ontario) Explained by Brian Madigan This is now in Kindle book format which can be acquired through Amazon   The book summarizes the law of agency as represented by the standard form “BRA” agreement. This is an ideal tool for the...
The latin expression "sui juris" commonly indicates the "capacity to contract in law".The legal dictionary definitions seem to repeat a common classical theme:1) To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris,2) Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris,3) One who has ...
Counter Offer ~ OREA Form 107 When considering the number of standard forms in use in Ontario as prepared by the Ontario Real Estate association (OREA in 2011), it is easy to conclude that this particular form was rather hastily put together. Inherently, there are a number of fundamental concerns...

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