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 The Bank of Canada announced Thursday that its key rate will be lowered down to 0.50 per cent. The Bank stated that “additional monetary stimulus is required to help return the economy to full capacity and inflation sustainability to target.” Undoubtedly, this will have a positive effect on the ...
Terms Posted Rates Preferred Rates 6 MONTHS 3.14% 3.10% 1 YEAR 2.89% 2.29% 2 YEARS 2.84% 2.19% 3 YEARS 3.39% 2.34% 4 YEARS 3.89% 2.54% 5 YEARS 4.64% 2.59% 7 YEARS 5.30% 3.39% 10 YEARS 6.10% 3.84% Rates are subject to change without notice. OAC E&OE  Prime Rate 2.85% 5 yr variable 2.20%
Commercial Bond Yields   CMB         GoC         Floating RateInsured Cost of Funds 5 Year - 1.30%Canada Housing 12/15/20 [-0.02]       5 Year - 0.70%CAN 3.50 03/01/20 [-0.02]       0.95% [-]                       10 Year - 2.13%*Canada Housing 12/15/25 [-0.06]       10 Year - 1.56%CAN 2.25 06/0...
   Question:  What happens if a Buyer wants to represent themselves independently to purchase your listing?  They don’t want a buyer agent nor does they want to be represented by the listing brokerage. What forms need to be completed in this situation.   ANSWER: There are three levels of service....
Featured QUESTION: Salesperson Smith prepares an offer for $435,000 on a property located in Toronto, Ontario, on behalf of Buyer Jones. The offer is drafted and signed by the client on Tuesday and includes a deposit cheque for $20,000 to be placed in the brokerage's real estate trust account fol...
There is a simple latin expression "ad hoc" and it means "for this specific purpose".When the expression is used in a legal context, it is usually made with reference to a committee, a project or an undertaking.Commonly, an association, agency, organization or corporation will need a specific pro...
The Meaning of "Actus Reus"By Brian Madigan LL.B.The latin expressions "actus reus" and "mens rea" are two of the most important phrases when it comes to the criminal law.Actus reus is the "act". It is the actual criminal or guilty act from a factual perspective. It can be seen, it can be witness...
The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently released its decision in Tang v. Zhang, a case about real estate deposits. Previously, we looked at this same case in summary format: Now, we are looking at the case in a little more detail, ...
Commercial Bond Yields   CMB         GoC         Floating RateInsured Cost of Funds 5 Year - 1.38%Canada Housing 12/15/20 [+0.06]       5 Year - 0.79%CAN 3.50 03/01/20 [+0.07]       0.95% [-]                       10 Year - 2.24%*Canada Housing 12/15/25 [+0.08]       10 Year - 1.65%CAN 2.25 06/0...
Disclosure Laws in Canada for Real Estate Agents   The course on the “The Laws of Disclosure and the Use of the Seller Property Information Statement” will run on 13 July 2015 at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in Cambridge.   There are two separate and distinct laws that apply to disclosure, one for the se...

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