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Other Fish issues There are cases, although not in Ontario, where fish in stocked ponds were considered to be part of the property. In that regard, they were viewed as being somewhat less than "wildlife" and not quite "domesticated", so the purchaser was entitled to have them in the pond on clos...
Fish swimming in a blocked, contained pond on the property In this situation, the more modern laws treat these fish as chattels. They could be subject to a chattel mortgage. However, this line of cases all deal with business operations, so by and large this approach makes sense. Have a look at t...
Fish swimming in a natural stream on the property These fish are not really owned by the owner of the real property. They are wildlife. They are still part of nature. Either they are not really owned by anyone, or they are owned by everyone (in a public sense). These fish are just swimming throu...
Fish swimming in a bowl, aquarium or tank, where the “business” is  sold This situation is a little more confusing, but the legal answer is clear. If the vendor sells a business, any business; it doesn't have to be an exotic fish warehouse, any regular run of the mill business will do. It could ...
Fish swimming in an Aquarium, built into the wall in the recreation room This situation is a little bit tougher. The built-in aquarium is precisely that, "built-in". That makes it a fixture. So, we have the actual tank built into the wall as a fixture, what about the stones in the bottom, the wa...
Fish swimming in a Fish Bowl in the house This is rather straightforward. The bowl is moveable. The fish in the bowl are also moveable, and there would be little or no expectation that they remain with the house, any more than the buyer would think that the seller should leave behind his TV. Bri...
  Who cares? Really, this is a more complicated question than it might appear at first blush. Let's assume you have ten 50 cent goldfish in a tank, does it really matter all that much? On the other hand, I recently came across a situation where a vendor had $15,000 worth of rather rare and exoti...
 April 2015: New Highs in the Toronto Market You will be interested to see the report from the Toronto Real Estate Board for April. Here’s a copy of “Marketwatch”: Record Sales in April 2015  TORONTO, May 5, 2015 – Toronto Real Estate Board President Paul Etherington announced that Greater Toront...
Fixed term best discounted Invis rates & posted rates as of May 5, 2015 6 mos                                 3.10%         3.14%1yr                                     2.29%          2.89%2yr                                     2.19%          2.84%3yr                                     2.34%   ...
Terms Posted Rates Preferred Rates 6 MONTHS 3.14% 3.10% 1 YEAR 2.89% 2.29% 2 YEARS 2.84% 2.19% 3 YEARS 3.39% 2.34% 4 YEARS 3.89% 2.54% 5 YEARS 4.64% 2.64% 7 YEARS 5.30% 3.39% 10 YEARS 6.10% 3.84% Rates are subject to change without notice. OAC E&OE  Prime Rate 2.85% 5 yr variable 2.20%  

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